news! This Apple product is very close

One of the most anticipated products by users for the year 2023 is the return of the HomePod, well, despite the fact that initially it seemed that the successor to this product was not included in Apple’s plans for this year, Gurman has denied it and has shed light and hope for all HomePod lovers. We tell you everything in this post.

The original HomePod went on the market with many doubts, since for many it was no more than a simple speaker, and for others, a virtual assistant with all the limitations that Siri had and has. However, with the passage of time, this product was able to fall in love with all those who were lucky enough to enjoy it on a daily basis.

After the HomePod, the HomePod mini arrived, a similar product but with an infinitely smaller size and with a price that is also much more affordable, and this has really been the one that has finished convincing many users to introduce an Apple smart speaker into their homes. However, for all lovers of the HomePod, the mini is not capable of satisfying their needs in the same way, which is why since Apple stopped manufacturing it in March 2021, many users have dreamed of returning this product to the apple catalogue.

The HomePod returns, but not the same

Well, everything seems to indicate that the wishes of HomePod lovers can come true very soon, and that is that according to the good old Mark Gurman, Apple plans to launch a new HomePod in 2023In fact, very soon since Ming-Chi Kuo himself has also reported on it, throwing out more information if possible, since he places the launch of this product in the first quarter of 2023, that is, in these next few weeks or months.

White HomePod

Yes indeed, the HomePod that the Cupertino company will present will not be the samethat it stopped manufacturing in 2021, although we hope that, at least at a functional level, it will not vary much, since one of the strengths of the HomePod has always been the great sound quality that it is capable of offering to all users. The changes that are expected are mainly two, the first of them the size, and it is that it will obviously be larger than the HomePod mini, but it will not reach the dimensions of the HomePod, but will remain in a middle ground between the two. One of the great innovations that, in theory, this team will bring will be a completely updated touch control panelwhich will be accompanied by chip S8who currently have the latest Apple Watch models. Also, taking into account that one of the points why the HomePod was not very successful, but if the HomePod mini was the priceThis new HomePod will not cost as much as the first version cost in its day, something that of course we all celebrate, since in this way it will be a much more accessible equipment for all audiences.