No offer, MacBook Air offer!

One of Apple’s products with the best value for money is undoubtedly the MacBook Air, a device that has been a sales success, especially since the introduction of the first-generation Apple Silicon. Even though it is an expensive device, this discount makes it an amazing device that makes it a buying opportunity that cannot be refused. So if you were waiting for a good discount To get hold of this device, this is the moment. Run they fly!

discount available

When buying an Apple product, users already know that they are going to have to shell out a large amount of money. All users of the company are aware that Macs are expensive products, but that, in the long run, you always end up amortizing the purchase, due to its benefits, features, Apple’s update policy and everything that macOS and the Apple ecosystem.

Apple’s prices on the official website remain standard over time, since Apple does not usually make changes to its products. However, there are other establishments or online platforms such as Amazon that It offers occasional discounts on some products from the company headed by Tim Cook. Specifically, today we have seen an incredible offer of MacBook Air M1, the first device with Apple Silicon, a team that has given better results than the highest-end Intel processors. Below we leave you the discounts available.

  • MacBook Air M1, with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD: 230 euros discount.

Specifically, we are referring to a device that has a 20% discount on its price, dropping from 1,219 euros to 989 euros.

The strengths of the MacBook Air M2

Once you know about this discount, it’s time to talk about the reasons why you should buy it, and above all, find out what the real points of this incredible laptop are. The first of them is undoubtedly his designa minimalist, ergonomic design and it is that it is the Apple’s lightest laptopperfect for all those people who want is work in mobility. Of course, without losing an iota of power both for simple tasks and for editing 4K video or rendering in Blender. We also have to highlight their colors, since it has a wide range of shades that allows you to give it the touch that is closest to you. However, it only has two USB-C ports, so if you connect a lot of peripherals, you may need a accessory.

The inclusion of the M1 chip Without a doubt, it is another of the notable points, since this MacBook Air is capable of performing tasks that it was not capable of doing before, with Intel processors, which is why the range of users has opened up much more than They can see their demands and needs satisfied with this fantastic computer. Besides, your screen It has the perfect proportion, 13.3 inches, which makes it a piece of equipment to see the content you are preparing well, as well as being able to watch series, movies, videos, or play any game.