No Valentine’s gift? Order this now and have it tomorrow

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it always happens that there is someone clueless who waits until the last moment to buy that special gift. Well, if you are one of those or those and your partner likes technology, and more specifically Apple, here we leave you several ideas that, in addition, if you order them now, you have them ready tomorrow to be able to give them away.

The best tech gifts for Valentine’s Day

When giving a gift to another person, you always have to take into account two important aspects: first, that they obviously like what you are going to give them, and second, that said gift is available when you need it. Well, if your partner likes technology and also likes Apple, these gifts meet exactly those two requirements, because thanks to Amazon if you order them now, they will be in your hands tomorrow, in time to be able to offer them at the Valentine’s Day.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case. We start with a classic, but also with a sure hit and it is a case for the iPhone, in this case from the Spigen brand, which has significant international recognition when it comes to accessories for Apple devices. In this case, it is transparent and will allow the aesthetics of the device to continue to show off without problems.

  • Belkin MagSafe External Battery. If we said that Spigen is a globally recognized brand, Belkin is not far behind in terms of this recognition. For this reason, in this case we bring you a 25000 mAh MagSafe external battery that will be great for you to be able to have those power shots at certain times without having to connect the iPhone to a charger, just place this battery on the back and that’s it .
  • Of course, we have to talk about headphones, and in this case we recommend one of the best options on the market, since its price is really low if we compare it with what these are capable of offering. Nothing Ear (Stick)headphones with great sound quality that also have a really attractive design.
  • If we talk about headphones, surely the most valued in this case are the AirPods, for this reason we bring you the Third generation AirPodswhich although they do not have noise cancellation like their older brothers, they do offer great sound quality, a clean and minimalist design and all the advantages that you will have if you have an Apple ecosystem.

AirPods 3

  • We return with a charging accessory, and in this case from the Anker brand, another of the big firms when it comes to buying accessories for Apple equipment. It is a charging dock that has two surfaces capable of charging up to two devices at the same time. Initially it is designed to charge, through MagSafe, any iPhone compatible with said technology, and of course, also AirPods, since at the base of this base, worth the redundancy, there is also an area for wireless charging Apple headphones. In addition, the design of this base is totally in line with Apple, in white and with a minimalist appearance.