Nobody expected this Apple product and it is about to launch

One of the product ranges in which Apple has specialized the most in recent years is headphones, and good proof of this are both the different AirPods models that exist in the catalog as well as the wide variety of Beats, the which one is from apple Well, today we just want to talk to you about the new Beats Studio Buds+, since its launch is really close.

AirPods aren’t the only headphones Apple sells, nor are they the only ones that are owned by Apple, since the famous and reputable Beats brand has been from the Cupertino company for years. Well, in this post we are going to leave AirPods aside and we are going to focus on what will be the next Beats releaseheadphones that come to give a lot to talk about and to replace the current Beats Studio Buds, we are talking about the Beats Studio Buds+.

Everything about the new Beats headphones is filtered

A few weeks ago the news broke, or rather, the leak that Apple, through Beats, was preparing the launch of the second version of the Beats Studio Budsthe Beats Studio Buds+, headphones that, of course, now that more or less all their specifications are known, are going to give a lot to talk about, in the same way that the first version already did.

Last week, someone had a little lapse and put these Beats Studio Buds+ up for sale on Amazon, revealing many of its details. First of all, it seems that the expected launch date could be this week, specifically the May 18with a price of $169.95. In addition, he also revealed some of the most important features, such as the presence of microphones that are 3 times larger, its noise cancellation has also improved considerably compared to the first version, and it seems that they will compete with the best exponents on the market.

beats studio buds+

It must be taken into account that the first version of these headphones are considered as one of the best in the famous quality/price ratioso of course this evolution promises a lot, in fact it could be said that they are the alternative to AirPods that Apple puts out for all those users who want more sporty headphones.

Finally, and this has also surprised us considerably, one of the finishes that these Beats Studio Buds+ will haveand of course it has not left anyone indifferent, since it seems that Apple has been considerably inspired by the design of the Notghin Ear (1), which have a “transparent” design that reveals the components of the headset itself. It is undoubtedly a risky finish but one that has been able to convince many users in the first hours. However, it will be necessary to check, once the product is launched, what are the finishes that finally arrive and, above all, if this one that has been leaked is as attractive as it seems. Fortunately, in theory, we will leave doubts very soon.