Nobody expected this on the iPhone 16

No, we have not gone crazy talking about the iPhone 16 when the iPhone 15 has not even come out yet, but it is that the last hour on what could be the future of this team deserves to be told in this post. Get ready because this turn of events in terms of the Pro models, surely nobody could expect it.

The iPhone is the Apple device that is talked about the most without any doubt, and a good proof of this is that in the month of February 2023, when barely 5 months have passed since the launch of the iPhone 14, and when there are 7 months left for the iPhone 15 to be presented, already they are talking about the iPhone 16! However, we must be honest, and it is that the information that has been transmitted mark gurmanone of the main analysts of Apple today, certainly gives to talk and tell what could happen with the iPhone models that will arrive in 2024.

Goodbye Pro models as we know them

From the arrival of the Pro range on the iPhone 11Apple has always given its two main devices this last name, to differentiate them from the normal models that today are the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus, but which at the time were the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, and even, only the iPhone 11. The Pro models, one 6.1-inch and the other 6.7-inch are, as their name suggests, Apple’s top of the range, those that always have the best specifications you can find. Although yes, sometimes Apple has also made differentiations between the Pro and the Pro Max, giving a little extra to the 6.7-inch iPhone.

Well then, this looks like it could change in 2024, since as reported by Mark Gurman in his weekly newsletter, Apple’s plans would be to launch a new model that is even more top of the range than the current Pro and Pro Max. If you remember, one of the big rumors that sound for the next iPhone is that Apple could change the name of the iPhone 15 Pro Max to now give it the last name Ultra, just as it has done with the Apple Watch. Well, perhaps the movement is not entirely like that, since the surname Ultra could be reserved for this third top-of-the-range model that Apple could launch in 2024, that is, the iPhone 16 Ultra.

iPhone 14 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max

Now, as you have been able to read, the “birth” of this hypothetical iPhone 16 Ultra It would not mean goodbye to the iPhone 16 Pro Maxas it was thought would happen with the iPhone 15, but it will be a more top-of-the-range model if possible than the Pro. Without a doubt, it is a rather strange move by Apple, since we would have to see what is that would give this device exclusivity to differentiate it from the two Pro models, not to mention the price, that if the Pro Max already starts at more than 1400 euros, we don’t want to imagine what this new iPhone model would cost.