Nobody expected this to happen with the AirPods Max

Since Apple launched the first AirPods on the market, different models have been arriving in the Apple headphone catalog, among which are the AirPods Max, which are the company’s headband headphones. They have really good specifications, and also a very attractive design, which is just the trigger for this post. Keep reading as we tell you everything that is happening with these Apple headphones.

A differential design

There can be no doubt that Apple has done a really good job If we talk about the design of these headphones, in fact, surely this, added to the manufacturing materials that the Cupertino company has built them, are the main reasons why the AirPods Max have such a high price, nothing more and nothing less than 629 euros in the Apple Storealthough at many times you can buy them cheaper at Amazon or other establishments.

As we said, the design of the AirPods Max has been the reason why these headphones have become fashionable in the world of fashion, forgive the redundancy. Lots of content creators have established the AirPods Max as one more complement when it comes to dressing up and showing off to your followers, being the silver colored ones the most popular among them. In fact, it is very common to see the main fashion influencers showing off their outfits with AirPods Max on, and even on the famous social network TikToka kind of challenge has been created to create outfits based on the color of the AirPods Max.

Apple AirPods Max

Of course, it is something really striking that After several years Since these headphones were presented and went on sale, this movement was born, placing the AirPods Max in a place that it surely deserves for the design of the headphones. Now, if you are going to buy them just for that, we advise you to continue reading so you know everything they are capable of doing.

More features of AirPods Max

Although the design of the AirPods Max is attractive and sophisticated, the reality is that this is not the most important thing, since after all they are headphones, whose mission is to give users good sound cancellation and a good audio quality, do they achieve it? Right now we will tell you everything about them.

The reality of these headphones is that both in noise cancellation and sound quality They are one of the best exponents on the market. We cannot guarantee that they are the best, but they are in the top 3 wireless headphoneswhich means that beyond their design, they solve their mission like a charm.

AirPods Max

Yes indeed, they are not perfect at all, since there are certain details that Apple would have to improve yes or yes for the next version, starting with the “case”, if it can be called that, that these headphones have where they really protect very little. It would also be very appropriate, since the competition has it, to give the user the opportunity to personalize the sound experience a bit more, that is, to have an equalizer like the Sony WH1000XM5, which is its main competitor.