NOMAD iPhone 14 Cases

We tested the new Nomad cases for all iPhone 14 models, the perfect combination of design, protection and elegance. Leather or plastic, sports or classic, you choose.

Nomad has been manufacturing accessories for Apple products for a long time and if something characterizes its products it is their quality and their design, for a reason it is one of the reference brands in this category. Today we analyze its sports and leather cases for the iPhone 14, specifically the Pro Max model.

Sports Case

The Nomad sports cases are one of the most recent products in their catalog, and this year, in addition to adapting them for the new iPhone 14, they have further refined them. Made of two materials, with a polycarbonate back in a glossy finish and available in various colors (black, grey, blue and green) and a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) frame in black. With this combination we get protection against falls thanks to the shock absorption of the frame together with the solidity of the back made of more rigid plastic. We already know that the glossy finish is delicate in terms of fingerprints, but it is very easy to clean and gives it a spectacular appearance.

Nomad has taken care of many details in this case, among which the anodized aluminum buttons in a different color depending on the color of the case stand out. The pressing of the buttons is very good, they have very good feedback and offer little resistance. The microfiber interior protects your iPhone, and the rubber frame around the hole for the camera module makes it well protected and you can place your iPhone on any surface without fear of scratching the lenses. the frame around the iPhone also protrudes slightly at the front, to protect your screen.

The protection of the case is 360º, including the Lightning port and the speaker and microphone located at the bottom of the phone. With a thickness of 2mm, the bumper that surrounds the entire phone It will be able to cushion falls of up to almost two meters in height, much more than is needed for a fall from a table, chair or pocket. The cover also has an excellent grip, but without getting “stuck” in the pants pocket when trying to remove it. Of course, it is also compatible with the MagSafe system thanks to the neodymium magnets that are included in it, so we can use all the MagSafe accessories perfectly.

Modern Leather Case

For those who like more classic designs, leather cases are always a safe bet. Nomad offers us different types of covers with this material, always using the highest quality leather and minimally treated to preserve all its properties. On the one hand we have the Horween leather covers, a tradition of the brand, which, according to themselves, are specifically designed for fans of skin. It is a leather treated with vegetable dyes that makes it acquire friction, wear, shine and different shades as you use it, acquiring a unique character. It is available in brown and black.

The touch of the case is excellent, and the grip is very good thanks to the fact that, like the previous model, it has a TPE frame to give it protection. According to Nomad, it protects the iPhone against drops of up to 3 meters, even more than the Sport model. In this case the buttons of the case are not metallic, but they keep the good touchThey do not offer resistance when pressed and the feedback is very good. It also shares with the other model the protective frame for the camera module, and the bumper rim to protect the screen, and we added two hooks for wrist straps (not included). Of course, MagSafe support is included.

If Horween leather with its natural wear and tear isn’t what you’re looking for, you can still enjoy the great feel of a leather case, because the normal leather model, which is also cheaper, does not change as much over time. It is also available in more colors: black, dark brown, light brown and natural (the one that appears in the photos). The natural colored sleeve is truly unlike any other leather sleeve you’ve ever tried, and Nomad wanted to enhance that uniqueness with a color matched TPE frame.

Nomad iPhone 14 Cases

Editor’s opinion

With various materials and colors, but with very similar and always elegant designs, Nomad cases are characterized by perfectly combining a high level of protection for your iPhone with the use of top quality materials. Plastic or leather, sporty or classic, any of the cases is an excellent option for those who they want to be calm before any possible fall of their iPhone, but they do not want to give up a beautiful design. Nomad cases for all iPhone models are available at stores like Macnificos (link).

Nomad Sport and Leather Case
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  • Top quality materials
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  • MagSafe system
  • High protection


  • Easily finger print sports case