Nomad debuts with a new product that will allow locate our wallet using the Apple Search networkshaped like a credit card and with MagSafe wireless charging.

The new Nomad Tracking Card has a design that we have already seen on other occasions, and functions that we have also seen in other similar products. Using Apple's search network will help you locate your card holder or wallet anywhere. But it includes something that no other product has done so far: wireless charging. And not only wireless charging, but it is compatible with Apple's MagSafe system. With a design that is like a conventional credit card but twice as thick, you can insert it into any slot in your wallet without it being noticed, and thus it will always be located.

It is made of polycarbonate and its dimensions are 86mm x 54mm x 2mm, with IPX7 certification, resistant to water and dust. On its front side it is black, matte, with an almost invisible Nomad logo in its lower corner, while on the back side we can see a silkscreen with the diagram of the integrated circuit inside and the pairing button.

Nomad Card with wireless charging

The card offers us the operation of any location compatible with the Apple Search network, which allows you to know the location of your wallet in real time even if you are not nearby and therefore out of reach of your phone. All Apple devices that pass near it will be used to locate it on the mapand if someone finds it, they will be able to know the owner's information to help recover it.

The most exclusive thing about this locator card is its recharge system. While other similar products work with a replaceable battery in the best of cases, or with a battery that once exhausted cannot be recharged by throwing the product away, this Nomad card recharges with any wireless charger and is compatible with the MagSafe system, with an LED that turns from red to green when charging is complete. The autonomy is 5 months, and you don't have to worry because it doesn't have magnets, so there is no risk of it damaging the rest of your cards. The price is €37.95 on the Nomad website (link)