If you are a fan of cases that barely add weight to your iPhone, you are in luck because one of the best case manufacturers launches this category for the iPhone 14.

When we talk about covers there are two well-differentiated categories: those who prioritize protection and those who want something that barely alters the aesthetics and dimensions of their iPhone. While the former have a huge list of possibilities, with different materials, designs and prices, the latter are a little more abandoned by manufacturers. That is why it is great news that a brand like Nomad, which offers us some of the best cases we can find for our iPhones, is launching for the first time within this category of users with two cases compatible with awnings for the iPhone 14 models.

Nomad Super Slim Cases

Nomad’s new Super Slim cases are so slim they don’t even have buttons. They fit your iPhone like a glove, and feature cutouts for the power and volume buttons, plus the obvious for the mute switch, microphone, speaker, and Lightning connector. It is important to note that despite its extreme thinness, Nomad has chosen to protect your entire device, 360º, which means that the top and bottom are also covered by the cover. What about the camera module? It’s the only place where the case thickens to create a lip that protects all three iPhone camera lenses so you can place it on any surface with ease.

Nomad does not give details about the plastic used for these covers, but it does let us know that at least 50% comes from recycled materials, another point in its favor. It is compatible with wireless charging, and they are so thin that are even compatible with the MagSafe system, despite not having magnets in the case. Nomad however makes it clear that the grip won’t be as strong as the original MagSafe, which is why he doesn’t recommend using car mounts with his case. But you will be able to use your MagSafe chargers at home and take advantage of the convenience of the magnetic system with this case. It is available for all iPhone 14 models in two colors, black and transparent, both with a matte finish and a surface designed to offer a good grip. Its price on the Nomad website is $29.95 (link)