NOMAD Super Slim, the thinnest cases for your iPhone

Nomad has launched completely new cases for the iPhone 14 that those who seek protection will fall in love but without affecting the size of the device. We tested the new Nomad Super Slim Case and we tell you about our impressions.

With the new generation of iPhone, Nomad wanted to launch a new category of cases that until now had never been offered. The new Super Slim Cases are the thinnest cases of the brand, so they will minimally affect the size of our iPhone and They will protect it against scratches and other common small aggressions with the daily use of our phones. Designed specifically for the latest iPhone 14 and with only two possible colors, one dark gray called “carbide” and the other translucent white called “frost”, they have the quality of finishes and materials characteristic of Nomad, and other peculiarities of their ultra slim design

As a user of Nomad covers for years, one of the things I like the most about the brand, in addition to the quality of its products, is that they always offer high protection with an elegant but clear design, paying the price of hiding the beautiful design of our iPhone. Both its leather cases and the sportier ones always have a thick frame that cushions falls, which on more than one occasion has saved my iPhone from major damage. These covers are something completely new for Nomad, who are looking for something different: that the user does not realize that he is wearing a cover. And they do, of course.

Made with 50% recycled materials, these cases are a second skin for your iPhone adding such minimal thickness that it is almost negligible. they are so thin that they do not even have buttons, since three perfectly calculated holes expose both the home and volume buttons for you to press. One of the most important things when analyzing a case is how the buttons are pressed, because here there is not much to say, since you press the button of your iPhone directly. You also have direct access to the mute switch.

Carbide color Nomad Super Slim cover

The The thickest area of ​​the case is around the iPhone camera module, so you can place it on any surface without scratching the crystals of the three objectives. It also protrudes slightly above the screen, so you can place the iPhone face down without damaging the front glass. Of course it also has holes for the phone’s microphone, speaker and Lightning connector. Getting all these cutouts into such a slim case must not have been an easy task. It must not have been easy either to get you to be able to put the cover on and off without fear of breaking it, but they have succeeded.

The two covers are semi-transparent, but it is the white one (Frost) that is the only one of the two that allows you to guess the design of your iPhone through it. The Apple logo on the back is easy to see, and the color of your iPhone can be seen through it. The black cover (Carbide) is more discreet, and more similar to a conventional cover because it allows practically nothing to be seen through it.

Nomad Super Slim cover in white

Something that I really liked was the grip sensation of the case, much better than with the completely “naked” iPhone, which is quite slippery, or with transparent cases, which also have that sensation. The two Super Slim covers have a grained feel that offers a very good grip. What I liked the least is that you won’t be able to use the MagSafe system because they don’t incorporate magnets, of course. Being so thin you will still feel the magnetic force when placing the MagSafe charger, and the iPhone will be perfectly aligned, but forget about using MagSafe mounts or accessories such as a card holder or an external battery, since it will not have enough force for that.

The protection offered by Super Slim cases is not high. They will avoid any scratches on your iPhone, they will protect the screen when turning it face down, but a fall from a considerable height is not within their capabilities. There will be many people who think that this is enough to dismiss it, but there are many people who are looking for exactly what the Nomad offers: some protection without sacrificing thickness. Perhaps many users who like to carry their iPhone without a case see these new Slim Cases as the perfect case for them.

Editor’s Opinion

Nomad takes a risk with two completely different covers to what it has offered us so far. The new Super Slim Cases are the perfect cases for those who want to protect the iPhone without increasing weight or thickness. Where Nomad has not changed is in offering a superior quality of materials and finishes, despite the limitations that such a thin product imposes. If they are the covers you were looking for, You have them at Macnificos for €19.99 in both colors: