NordVPN celebrates its anniversary with this promotion and its new Meshnet feature

We’re talking about an encrypted private network tool with which you’ll be able to route traffic, create a LAN network to play private games with your friends, and much more. Add to it all the features that NordVPN offers to position yourself as best antivirus with vpn and you have a round product.

NordVPN, the ultimate antivirus VPN

NordVPN is not only a VPN or Virtual Private Network that offers you the possibility of browsing privately through its more than 5,400 servers distributed in 60 different countries. Mainly because it has antivirus features and now they just added their Red Mesh system.

NordVPN Threat Protectionis a set of tools that will help you protect yourself from the dangers of the Internet. This protection system prevents access to malicious websites, as well as having a tool that eliminates activity trackers.

Not to mention NordVPN’s antivirus function, capable of analyzing any file you are going to download to confirm that it does not hide malicious code. Undoubtedly, a most complete VPN and that now adds a new function with which to be the great reference in the sector of virtual private networks.

Red Mesh: an encrypted private network solution

In case you know what what is a mesh network, we are facing a decentralized virtual private network or DIY. Now that this feature is coming to NordVPN, you will be able to create encrypted connections with other devices that you own or that of friends who have subscribed to this VPN.

Thanks to this, you connect to a specific device to create a very private connection. You will be able to configure the country, network characteristics… You will not lack options. And once you’ve routed your traffic through NordVPN Mesh Networkyou will navigate or you will be able to access any service privately.

To do this, NordVPN offers you a private IP that you will only have to share with whoever you want to access this network. For example, you can set up a server in your house and connect from wherever you want, be it the office or your parents’ house.

NordVPN gaming

You can also create a private game server so that you and your friends can have fun with the best games and the peace of mind that all traffic will be untraceable.

NordVPN Red Mesh is available for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, although only Windows and Linux devices will be able to create a private server. And its limit of 10 devices from your own network and another 50 external devices offer you a very interesting range of possibilities.

In summary, the main advantages of NordVPN’s Red Mesh are the following:

  • Being able to remotely access the files on your computer through the Mesh Network
  • Enjoy a gaming connection with virtual LAN to play with your friends from anywhere in the world.
  • Private IP access

Given that the process for create your own mesh network It doesn’t take more than a few seconds, and now you can enjoy a 63% discount and receive an extra 3 months or 1 year subscription when you sign up for NordVPN, take advantage of this limited-time promotion to live the most complete and private browsing experience.