Now available iOS 16: These are all the news

The Cupertino company has seen fit to officially launch the latest version of its Operating System. We’ve been talking about it long and hard since its first public appearance with WWDC 22, however, the wait is over and you can finally install it and enjoy all its new features.

These are the new features of iOS 16, a renewed lock screen and an almost total redesign of the system. Thanks to these functions and many more that we are going to tell you about, you will be able to handle iOS 16 on your iPhone as if you were a true expert.

Lock screen: More customizable

One of the main novelties of iOS 16 is precisely its lock screen, thanks to its new system we will be able to include numerous widgets that will work in the background but with low battery consumption. Likewise, notifications will be organized in a more schematic way so that we can navigate through them without any complications.

Although Apple will include various default proposals and adjustments, we will be able to do everything to our liking by creating buttons and widgets, as well as leaving the clock in the background, showing the photograph in a higher layer.

Definitely, We have come to the conclusion that the lock screen of iOS 16 is its great protagonist, so you must learn to get the most out of it.

CarPlay, Home and also Messages

The new version of Apple CarPlay also takes a special role in this new release. Now the customization layer dedicated to iOS vehicles will receive its first redesign. Nevertheless, During the numerous tests that we have carried out on iOS 16 these months, we can conclude that the change is imperceptible for now.

It’s not the same with Home, home automation management application Apple has received a complete redesign in which we can quick access to all our accessories from the main screen in the form of a «timeline».

Messages It is another of the leading applications, especially considering that now we will be able to delete messages, as well as edit them, apart from a small redesign. Another detail is that we will be able to filter the messages received in the application based on the assigned line.

The most relevant improvements of iOS 16

Although it may not seem like much, the list of new features does not end here, let’s continue with all the most relevant new features of iOS 16:

  • Automatic CAPTCHAS: To access this new option we will only have to go to Settings> Apple ID> Password and security> Automatic verification and in this way we will not have to fill in any more CAPTCHAS from Safari.
  • iCloud backups: Now we will be able to make complete backups even if we are not connected to a WiFi network.
  • Privacy: The new privacy settings will inform us about which applications have accessed the sensors in the form of history.
  • Order Tracking: From the Wallet application we can keep track of those orders that we have made with Apple Pay.
  • Duplicate Contacts: The Contacts app will create a folder at the top that will tell us the number of duplicate contacts and allow us to merge them.
  • Keyboard vibration: Apple has implemented a traditional feature in Android, responding to the keyboard by vibration. To do this, it uses the Taptic Engine and is activated in Settings > Sound and vibration > Keyboard feedback > Vibration
  • Delete apps: Now we can remove native apps that were limited at the moment like Clock and Health
  • Fitness for everyone: The iOS Fitness app is now not limited to Apple Watch users, but will appear for all users, however its measurements will not be compatible with other wearables
  • Lock photos with Face ID: The “Hidden” and “Deleted” album will now appear locked by default with Face ID and not with a password. If we want to protect any photograph we just have to send it to the «Hidden» album
  • Renewed spotlight: Spotlight can now be invoked by clicking the “Search” button that appears above pinned apps at the bottom of the Springboard
  • Send a web as a PDF: When we click on the “share” button while on a web page” an “options” button will appear and entering it will give us three possibilities: Automatic, in PDF and in Web format
  • Check the WiFi password: Another function present in Android and that resisted reaching the iPhone. If we go toSettings> WiFi> Press the (i) button and inside we can check and copy the WiFi password
  • You can also unlock iPhone horizontally: Compatible with terminals from iPhone 12 (included)
  • Isolation mode to protect information in case of computer attacks

  • modes of concentration now they will be much more complete and customizable
  • The battery percentage indicator returns, now inside the icon
  • Facetime: You can transfer calls between devices without having to hang up
  • Books: A small but effective app redesign
  • iCloud in Family: Now you can customize device settings for minors
  • Photos: Now we will be able to automatically delete duplicate photos with a new album, in addition to sharing them with a family group
  • Mail: Integrate search options, scheduled responses and a new filtering system
  • Voice dictation: You can now write between dictations at the same time to, among other things, use the corrector
  • Compatibility with Nintendo Switch controllers
  • New AirPods update system

Compatible devices

As usual, the level of iOS compatibility and updates continues to be maintained at a very high quality standard, therefore, Only the iPhone 7 and the iPhone SE will be left out of iOS 16 if we take iOS 15 as a reference.

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPod Touch (7th generation)
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11Pro
  • iPhone 11 ProMax
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone 12mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 ProMax
  • iPhone SE (2022)
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 ProMax

As always, orWe recommend that you perform a clean install of iOS 16 if you are experiencing any issues with your device, to do this you just have to follow the advice of News iPhone. Also, if you know of other new features of iOS 16 that we have not published, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment box.