Now available! These are the Apple deals for Black Friday

Black Friday is already here and although the vast majority of stores, companies and businesses have been offering interesting discounts on their products for days and even weeks, Apple always goes free in this regard and until today it has not activated the different promotions it has available. already to celebrate this popular day of offers.

Unlike other occasions, this time those of Cupertino will allow users to have more days to take advantage of the different promotions that are already available, both from the Apple Store online and from the physical stores themselves. From today, November 25, to Monday, November 28, all those who buy one of the products that are included in the Black Friday promotion will receive a gift card. Of course, the amount of the card will depend on the product you buy.

Apple gives you a gift card for buying these products

There can be no doubt that Apple always does things differently, both for better and for worse, and in this case, if we focus on Black Friday, of course, the movement of the Cupertino company will not be to everyone’s liking. It is very difficult for Apple to lower the price of its products, and proof of this is that it does not even provide discounts on Black Friday. As we have told you a few lines above, Apple’s Black Friday consists of giving away a gift card, worth the redundancy, depending on the product you buy, since that is another of the “curiosities”, and it is that not all company devices are included in this promotion. Below we leave you the list with the corresponding devices and the gift cards that Apple will give to its buyers.

  • Gift card of 50 euros when buying:
    • iPhone 13.
    • iPhone 13 mini.
    • iPhone 12.
    • iPhone SE.
    • Apple Watch SE.
    • iPad Air.
    • iPad.
    • iPad mini.
    • Magic Keyboard.
    • Smart Keyboard.
    • 2nd generation Apple Pencil.
    • Dual MagSafe charger.
    • Beats Studio3 Wireless.
    • Brats Solo3 Wireless.
    • Powerbeats Pro.
    • Beats Fit Pro.
    • Beats Studio Buds.
    • Beats Flex.
  • Gift card of 75 euros when buying:
    • Second generation AirPods Pro.
    • 2nd generation AirPods.
    • 3rd generation AirPods.
    • AirPods Max.
  • Gift card of 250 euros when buying:
    • MacBook Air.
    • MacBook Pro.
    • Mac mini.
    • iMac.

Apple Store Gift Card

Although initially, with this promotion you will not be able to save any money on the purchase of your new Apple product, you will be able to get a gift card that It will help you save that amount of money in case you make a purchase in the Apple store again, and that can come in handy for the Christmas purchases that you are going to make in the days after Black Friday.

Of course, if what you want is to save a good amount of money on an Apple product or accessories to further enhance everything that these are capable of doing, then we leave you the link so that you can access our selection of offers featured, handpicked by members of the La Manzana Mordida editorial team so you can save yourself a good amount of money.