Now I am clear, I will wait to buy this MacBook in 2024

According to rumors coming via Bloomberg Apple analyst Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to release an updated MacBook Air in March 2024, along with refreshed 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models.

MacBook Air M3, rumors and news

Unlike previous MacBook Air models, rumors indicate that there will be no major design changes. Instead, Apple will focus its attention on improving the internal components of the MacBook, highlighting the incorporation of the M3 chip. This chip, first introduced in the newest MacBook Pro models just a month ago, marks a key moment in technological advances by being the first chip built with Apple's 3-nanometer process.

Apple is also planning to launch these new MacBook Air models along with the software update macOS 14.3. Although the software update is expected to arrive between late January and February 2024, the MacBook Air M3 could launch in March.

A personal decision: wait or buy an M3 MacBook Pro now?

As a user of a 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro with Intel processor, I am very undecided about which MacBook to purchase to upgrade my current device. My current MacBook is certainly an excellent device, but with Apple's transition to Apple Silicon processorsI think it's the right time for an update.

Until now, I have been contemplating purchasing the latest MacBook Pro with the new M3 chip, presented just a month ago. However, the price of this model made me rethink my decision. In search of alternatives, the news about the possible update of the MacBook Air M3 I find it a very interesting option.

MacBook Air M2 midnight

The MacBook Air has always been appreciated for its portability and classic yet elegant design. With the promise of improved performance thanks to the M3 chip, the MacBook Air M3 It could be the ideal choice for those looking for a balance between performance and price, as is my case. The idea of ​​waiting just a few months to get a more affordable and powerful device seems right to me.

So after considering all the options, I have decided to wait for the update. MacBook Air in 2024. Although my current MacBook Pro is still an excellent work tool, it has some problems such as overheating and noisy fans whenever this happens. In addition, Apple is expected to gradually “force” users who still use Intel devices to upgrade to new Apple Silicon devices. As? Well, offering improvements and new features that would only be available through new software versions for Macs with Apple Silicon processors. The idea of ​​making the leap to Apple's Silicon technology makes me very excited.