After the price increase in its new devices, and in some existing ones, Apple warns developers of a new price increase on the App Store outside of the United States.

Bad news for Apple users. If the price increase in the new iPhone just presented has seemed like an exaggeration, wait because things are not going to stay like this since Apple has announced a new price increase to the developers, this time within its application store, for many countries outside the United States. The applications that we have to download from the App Store will see their price increased in amounts that will vary depending on the country, and not only in those paid applications, but also in purchases within the applications. The loss of value of most of the world’s currencies against the dollar is the cause of these decisions, and the European Union with its currency, the euro, is not going to be an exception.

Customers of countries that use the euro, as well as other countries including Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Vietnam, will see a price increase from October 5. In Vietnam they explain that the increase is due to the new local regulations on their taxes, but in the rest of the countries they do not explain the reason. The rise of the dollar with respect to the currencies of the mentioned countries is the cause of this decision according to sources such as Reuters. We do not know the amount of this increase at the moment, although it is assumed that it will be important. In countries like Japan it is estimated that the increase can reach up to 30% due to the decline of the Yen against the dollar. If you plan to buy an application and you are waiting for an offer and a drop in price, it may be time to decide before the opposite happens.