Now you can buy the iPhone 14 100 euros cheaper

When buying an Apple device, you always have to take its price into account, since most of the time these are not exactly very cheap. Therefore, having an offer like the one offered by MediaMarkt at the moment is a very good opportunity to save a good amount of money.

Discount available on the iPhone 14

One of the many things that sets Apple apart from other companies in the technology industry is that never offer discounts on their products. In fact, the only time the Cupertino company lowers the price of a device is when it puts its renewal on sale, and even in some cases what it does is directly remove it from the catalog.

Fortunately for users, Apple devices are not only sold in the Apple Store, but other distributors or establishments also do it, sometimes providing very interesting discounts such as the one that the iPhone 14 currently has in MediaMarkt, yes, for a limited time. All those who want to buy the iPhone 14 at Apple will have to pay 1,009 euros for the base model, well, now you can save 100 euros because MediaMarkt sells it for 909 euros.

Is the iPhone 14 worth it?

This is surely one of the big questions since this device came out, and it is that due to the rise in prices of the entire iPhone 14 generation, this specific model has curiously been the most questioned and criticized, since at the level of specifications and appearance is practically the same as the iPhone 13.

This has led to many users preferring to purchase the iPhone 13 rather than the 14, however, thanks to this offer, that balance is evened out considerably, and makes the iPhone 14 a a highly recommended teamfor many users. Count with one size really comfortable, very balanced both to be able to use it without problems on a day-to-day basis and to consume content on its 6.1-inch screen.

iPhone 14 camerasAt the camera level It’s wonderful, although it obviously doesn’t reach the level of the Pro models, something that not all users need, so with this device you’ll be able to take truly enviable videos and photos. As to battery We cannot say that it is the best iPhone you can buy, but it is more than enough for standard use. However, if you give the device a lot of effort, it will surely not be the most appropriate option in terms of autonomy.

Finally, you also have to take into account the wide range of colors that you have available on this device, with yellow as the latest addition by Apple. This is also something that many users value, since in the end if you can have a device in the color that you like the most or that you consider most appropriate, much better.

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