Now you can get the 12.9 iPad Pro cheaper on Amazon

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a professional computer, which is currently for less money on Amazon, thanks to the offers. So if you want to know all the models that are currently for less, and what configurations are available to select, we are going to tell you about them here.

When we talk about the iPad Pro we are not talking about a tablet, but rather a professional computer with a touch interface. The problem that this type of device usually has is that its price is high, and depending on the situations, it is perhaps too high to bear the cost. But that’s what the offers are for, to be able to pay less, and thus get the most out of them.

These 12.9-inch iPad Pro models are now on sale

The first configuration that we have available in sales is the iPad Pro with connection Wi-Fi, 128GB of internal storage space, Space Gray color and Apple M2 processor. The usual price of this equipment in the Apple Store is 1,449 euros. But now thanks to this discount it remains at €1,359. 90 euros less!

If local storage space is a priority for you, and you want the peace of mind of being able to have all your files and projects stored in the device’s memory, without having to subscribe to cloud storage plans, perhaps 128GB is not for you. Better option. If this is your case, you should know that the model of 256GB and Wi-Fi connection It is also discounted.

The usual price for this configuration in the Apple Store is 1,579 euros. However, thanks to the 8% discount, its price is at 1,447 euros. So we’re talking about paying 132 euros less. The color, in this case, is the same as in the previous one: Space Gray.

Do you want more memory? Don’t worry. Besides these two. configurations, there is a third that is also on sale. This is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with connection Wi-Fi and 512GB of internal storage space. Again, the color is Space Gray.

The price that this device usually has in the Apple Store is 1,829 euros. However, it has a reduction of 8% and is located in 1,678 euros. 151 euros direct discount!

Complement your iPad Pro with accessories

The second generation Apple Pencil is the perfect complement to the iPad Pro. Thanks to the technology that both the styles and the iPad Pro screen incorporate, we are going to have a much more dynamic and fluid experience, in terms of the interaction of both. refers.

We will be able to select elements without having to touch the screen with the pencil, if we want to draw or write we will not notice any type of latency, and everything will be more fluid thanks to the refresh rate of the iPad screen.

Apple Pencil 2nd gen

Furthermore, thanks to the fact that this model is compatible with professional programs such as Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro, we will have a new way of using the interface, much more immediate and organic, without having to interact with mice or trackpads, as we do. It happens on Macs.

The usual price that the Apple Pencil 2 has in the Apple Store is 149 euros. However, right now it is also on sale, with a 9% discount, and Its price is 135 euros.