October arrives loaded with new games

Apple Arcade, Apple’s game subscription service, brings important news this October that you won’t want to miss. Whether you are an Apple Arcade subscriber or are thinking about signing up for this service, you are going to love these games.

Apple’s gaming platform is preparing for an exciting month of October with the launch of four new games and new updates for more than 30 titles already currently in the catalog. Don’t miss anything about it, we tell you everything about new games and updates.

New games for all tastes

The month begins with the launch of «Jeopardy! WorldTour+» he October 6. Developed by Uken Games, this game offers fans of the popular American quiz show the opportunity to show off their knowledge in various categories and compete with players from around the world. The real Jeopardy will be just a touch away starting next October 6.

On October 13, “Cut the Rope 3” arrives on Apple Arcade. This is the latest installment in Paladin Studios’ mobile game franchise that has already captivated more than 1.6 billion players worldwide. You can join Om Nom and Nibble Nom on an incredible adventure as they explore unknown territories and solve ingenious puzzles. In “Cut the Rope 3! You will find new challenges and elements based on physics, if you are a fan of this installment you cannot miss this.

On October 20, “Crossword Jam+” from PlaySomple Games comes to Apple Arcade to offer players the opportunity to relax and improve their vocabulary while enjoying stunning natural landscapes on their iPhone screens. This word game is packed with daily challenges that are progressively more difficult for players to immerse themselves in the world of words and relax while expanding their linguistic knowledge. A game with an educational focus that is sure to hook you and that you can enjoy without interruptions or ads in Apple Arcade.

The cherry on the cake arrives on October 27 with “NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition” by 2K Games. For basketball lovers, this game is ideal. Players will be able to become their own NBA superstars, build a fan base and secure endorsement deals with major sports brands such as Nike, Jordan and Adidas. The customization capacity that the game offers is the key, from the shoes to the tattoos. Additionally, players can recruit NBA legends for their streetball team and compete in different challenges.

NBA 2K Mobile iOS iPad

With over 200 games in its library, Apple Arcade offers a wide variety of gaming experiences for just €4.99 per month. Plus, it’s included in the Apple One subscription, meaning you can also access this gaming platform along with other Apple services, such as Apple Music and Apple TV+, for an even more convenient price. If you’re not already subscribed to Apple Arcade, check it out, I’m sure you’ll like it.