Five days after the release of the new, well, improved HomePod, some of us are still wondering what’s new with version two. It seems that we are the only ones who have asked ourselves the same thing and have gone to some tests scheduled by Apple to show its benefits. However, the company has been a bit short in these tests and therefore we still don’t know Why did you want to launch this new version of some speakers that stopped being manufactured and sold a couple of years ago and were replaced by a smaller model?

On January 18, Apple surprised locals and strangers with the launch of the new HomePod model. This new version, the second of the speaker that the American company stopped selling in 2021. Not much is known about these new models and we will have to wait for it to be launched on the market to proceed with more complete analysis. Taking into account that devices are normally allowed to be tested by a small number of people, on this occasion that test did not go as expected.

Apple invited a small number of tech writers to listen to the new version of the full-size HomePod, but only allowed them to listen to brief snippets of a few songs. For example, Ty Pendlebury claimed that Apple only played one of the songs for 30 seconds. In addition they only played two songs on one speaker and another two on two at the same time connected in stereo.

Chris Welch, Jacob Kroll, Lance Ulanoff and many others agree that the test they put the new models through didn’t last long enough to say how the new HomePods have improved. But they also agree that the sound quality of the speakers is incredible and hard to beat. But we do not know if that will be enough to disburse the almost 350 euros that it costs.