OLED Displays Are Apple’s Next Big Projects

According to technological research company Omdia, Apple will switch practically all of its iPad, MacBook, and external display models to OLED panels by 2027. According to the most recent IT OLED display estimates from Omdia, which OLEDInfo has access to, global OLED shipments will increase quickly from 9.7 million units in 2022 to over 70 million in 2028. Although laptops will account for the majority of this growth, OLED tablets will also see a significant rise in popularity throughout this time.

Apple Working OLED Displays 

Apple’s increased usage of OLED Display panels across its products is considered to be the key cause of this predicted growth. Omdia believes that, in keeping with earlier reports, Apple would begin employing OLED panels for the iPad with new iPad Pro versions next year, followed by an OLED MacBook Pro in 2026. By 2026, Apple will have nearly completely phased out LCD and mini-LED screens on mobile devices. Around this period, the leak also suggests a foldable 20-inch iPad Pro variant with an OLED.

For 32-inch and 42-inch screens in 2027, Apple will reportedly start adopting QD-OLED or WOLED panels; these displays are anticipated to be used for the next iMac or external display models. There is presently only one 32-inch Apple product, the Pro Display XDR, and no 42-inch gadget. Apple is developing metalens technology to replace plastic lens coverings in a variety of products, starting with iPads and iPhones, claims Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. For further information, see Metalenses, a flat lens technology that focuses light using metasurfaces.