One of my favorite applications could be the first alternative to the App Store in Europe

MacPaw, the company behind applications like CleanMyMac or Setapp, has announced its ambitious plan to bring its Setapp store to iPhone devices in the European Union. Setapp is a super powerful application library for the Mac. Here's how it works.

This announcement comes less than a week after Apple revealed a series of major changes coming to its App Store in the EU. As change looms in Apple's app ecosystem, the arrival of Setapp on the iPhone could make a difference.

What is Setapp?

In a press release, MacPaw was optimistic about Apple's announced changes to meet the requirements of the DMA regulations. Despite acknowledging that the path to a fully competitive iOS market is still developing, the company has become a pioneer by confirming that it will be the first to offer an alternative to the Apple App Store in the EU.

For those who have never heard of Setapp until now, it is an application currently available for Mac that offers us access to a large library of applications, most of them related to productivity. The way it works is based on a monthly subscription. This subscription gives you access to the more than 200 applications that are on Setapp and that you will be able to download and use at any time without having to pay an extra price or having to subscribe to all the applications separately.

Personally, I have been using Setapp for almost two years and I have to admit that it is a very convenient way to access productivity applications that help me in my daily workflow. The single subscription offers access to a wide range of applications, meaning it is possible to try and use a variety of tools and services without having to make individual purchases. Something that is very convenient.

Setapp could be available for iPhone in March

MacPaw has announced that it is already in the “late stages of development” of a beta version of Setapp for iPhone, which is expected to be available in 2024.

Setapp for iPhone

The company has also signaled its intention to collaborate with developers who offer cross-platform applications, which could open the door for many of the applications that are already part of the Setapp catalog on Mac to be available in its iPhone store. This would be a big plus for users who already use Setapp on the Mac.

As changes to regulation and the app ecosystem are coming across the EU, Setapp represents a new option for users looking for a more flexible and affordable user experience. Over time we will see how the distribution of applications on the iPhone progresses within the European Union and if there are other companies that dare to launch third-party stores alternatives to the App Store.