One of the best-selling iPhones on Amazon is 3 years old and costs less than you think

When it comes to iPhone deals, we always want to pay less for devices we hope to get the most out of. Despite the many benefits of Apple phones, the truth is that we cannot always or want to pay the price they ask us in the Apple Store. This is why, in today’s post, we present you an offer that you are going to love: One of the best-selling iPhones on Amazon, and whose price is really attractive.

There are times when going for the latest iPhone model is not necessary. Here the use that we are going to decide to give to the device comes into play. And if our priority is not to want to squeeze out the latest from the latest, but rather to have a quality phone, good materials and updated software, models from previous years most certainly fulfill this.

It is an iPhone 12 and it is refurbished

The iPhone 12 is a phone that came out in September 2020. It has been with us for three years now. And since it is a model that is older than the ones available now, that is why it already has a first factor that lowers its price.

In addition to this age, it is a terminal that has been reconditioned. These are models that have been used in the past, but have been completely overhauled. The operation has been checked, the parts that do not work have been changed and, in short, it is a phone “that has been through the workshop” and it has been assured that it will not cause problems.

To these two factors, we must add a third: We are talking about Amazon offers. So we have to add an extra reason why the price has been discounted. Now, what model are we talking about and how long does it last?

Its about iPhone 12 128GB Blue. It must be remembered that at that time the basic capacity started at 64GB, so it is an intermediate configuration. The price that this device (already refurbished) has on Amazon is 482 euros. But now, thanks to the discount, we will be paying €457.45. Yes, less than 460 euros for a phone that continues to rock.

Why it is worth betting on an iPhone 12

If what we want is a phone with autonomy, a good camera system and a quality screen, the iPhone 12 meets these first three requirements. Inside it is an A14 Bionic processor, thanks to which we will not only have power and quality in image processing. But we will also be able to benefit from the latest update of the iOS 17 operating system.

standby in iOS 17

Is it safe to buy an iPhone 12?

A few weeks ago, the iPhone 12 was the subject of the news, as it had problems with the levels of radiation it emitted. More than a real danger to public health, what happened was that its radiation levels exceeded the standards set by the EU, placing it well below what was necessary for it to be considered a real risk.

Apple has already corrected this problem thanks to a software update, and the iPhone 12 is now back at standard levels. So, if you want to be 100% sure that your iPhone will not have any problems, simply go to Settings > Software Update and install the latest available version.