One of the most anticipated functions comes to WhatsApp

The instant messaging application that is part of the Facebook business group (or Metal, the truth is that I am not too sure what it is called…) has been constantly updated for some time, something that has directly benefited its billions of users. users all over the world.

Unfortunately, not all of its new features or settings are as attractive to users as we might imagine, however, After many years of development, WhatsApp has finally integrated this very important functionality that will make your life easier.

I don’t want to keep you much longer with the intrigue: You can finally send messages to yourself through WhatsApp. Yes, you read that right, you will be able to send messages to yourself.

At school they explain to you that communication is made up of a sender, a message and a receiver. Well, this basic rule is destroyed when we talk about sending messages to ourselves, and that is… Why would I want to send messages to myself?

Well, there are many reasons: You can store URL addresses that interest you, use it as a cloud to store certain photos, create the shopping list or simply for that simplicity that characterizes us as human beings when we think that something in WhatsApp can explode if we send a message to ourselves…

Being honest, if we have iCloud Drive, Notes and dozens of other applications that do those functions ten times better, what would motivate us to send messages to ourselves?

Well, the truth is that I don’t know either, because WhatsApp doesn’t even take advantage of cloud messaging, as Telegram does, which would allow us to use the conversation as a small store of important things. Be that as it may, You can already send messages to yourself through WhatsApp, so don’t waste any more time reading and check it out.