One week with the Apple Watch Ultra, has anything changed?

A week ago I had the Apple Watch Ultra on my wrist, one of the most groundbreaking devices that Apple has presented in recent years. For this reason, and after using an Apple Watch for years, I want to tell you in this post, to what extent this new Apple watch has changed the experience I’ve had so far.

The Apple Watch is a device that has become essential for my day to daysince although I confess that before acquiring the first one I had I had many doubts about its usefulness, since then all the facilities provided by this smart watch have made it one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

Therefore, you will ask, What do you actually use the Apple Watch for?Well, for me this device is, first and foremost, the equipment that is capable of monitoring all my daily physical activity. In it, I record all my workouts and, of course, where I can see at any time if I am having an active day or not. That said, it also allows me to have all the iPhone notifications on my wrist and thus manage them in the best possible way based on my preferences. In addition, and this is a peace of mind, having all the sensors that are added to it over the generations is a real joy, and it gives you that extra to health level.

What has changed with the Apple Watch Ultra?

Before I put the Apple Watch Ultra on my wrist, my previous model was the Series 7 that I acquired on its launch day, so I had been using it for more than a year. I am telling you this because I believe that, in the end, the experience with the Ultra may be more or less different depending on the model of Apple Watch that each user has been using up to that moment.

Apple Watch Series 7

What I can highlight the most after a week with the Apple Watch Ultra is, without a doubt, its drums. In this aspect, there is indeed a big leap compared to the rest of the models, and it is that you can be perfectly at least 48 hours without having to go through the charger, all depending on the use you make of it, obviously. The design is also a differential pointsince not only does it have a different shape than usual, but its size, 49mm, is noticeable on the wrist. However, despite the fact that my wrist is small, at no time does it become uncomfortably large, on the contrary, I have been able to adapt and use it normally very quickly.

Apple Watch Ultra

Now, having said that, I have not had a differential experience in the rest of the aspects that I already had in my day to day with the Apple Watch Series 7, and watch out, this is not to say that the Apple Watch Ultra is not worth it, but you have to take into account which users will find it much more useful to have this watch before the usual SE, Series 7 or Series 8. Apple has not released this watch for the vast majority of users, but for those who do extreme sports in the mountains or in the sea, since all the new functions are completely focused on it. Of course, if what you want is to have an Apple Watch aesthetically different and you do not mind paying the price of this model, go ahead, because of course you will enjoy it a lot.