Only Apple haters can believe this

Yes, it is true that the iPhone, like any other device, can break due to a fall or can be damaged by an unexpected bump or scratch. Apparently some media and users have dedicated themselves to carrying out iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max drop tests and this are the results. The reality is that only Apple haters can believe that the iPhone 15 Pro Max “breaks just by looking at it.”

The battle of durability

Apple is known for producing devices that combine design and functionality, but also consider strength and durability. Every year, the company introduces a new generation of iPhones with modifications to their design and components, which means that drop tests are necessary for some as it helps them evaluate their ability to withstand the unforeseen bumps they may face. these devices in daily life.

To carry out these tests, YouTube channel PhoneBuff put the iPhone 15 Pro Max through a series of challenging drop tests. These tests not only showed the endurance of the device, but also offered an interesting perspective on how it compares to previous models and also the competition.

1 meter drop test

In the first test, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was launched from a height of 1 meter onto a cement surface, landing on its back. The result was that the rear end was badly cracked. This result was not surprising, however, as both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max also experienced rear glass breakage in similar tests. The good news for iPhone 15 Pro Max owners is that Apple has significantly reduced the price of rear replacement on the iPhone 15, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

Edge Impact Drop Test

The second test consisted of dropping the iPhone 15 Pro Max in a corner. In this case, the new titanium chassis was virtually unscathed. Something that demonstrates the design improvements compared to previous models, which suffered significant damage in similar tests. It seems that switching to titanium has proven to be a wise choice in terms of durability.

Front drop test

The third test, which is one of the most shocking because it consists of dropping the iPhone 15 Pro Max from a height of 1 meter, this time face-first onto a cement surface as well. Although the glass cover over the LCD screen was broken, the touch screens and Face ID scanner continued to work. Surprisingly, this result was similar to previous tests on Pro Max models, where the front screen also broke under similar circumstances. Despite the broken screen, the functionality of the device is maintained.

1.5 meter drop test

The last test was even more extreme, with a drop from a height of 1.45 meters, and the front of the device hitting a steel surface. As you can imagine the results were not good at all. Both the front glass and the back were broken, the iPhone continued to be functional but on an aesthetic level its condition was terrible.

The iPhone 15 Pro is no less resistant than the iPhone 14 Pro

So while the iPhone 15 Pro Max suffered considerable damage in these drop tests, its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, also suffered similar damage in the same tests. Although it is true that titanium has proven to be more resistant, it does not provide better protection, but it is not worse and repair costs have also decreased. Which makes us think that, unlike what many believe, Apple does try to do its part to improve the durability of the devices and also reduce repair costs.