Changes are coming. As almost always for the month of May we are already attentive to everything that can come out of rumors because being so close to the WWDC it is likely that someone will reach the center of the target and we must be prepared for anything. One of the rumors that has come to the fore and that confirms Apple’s trajectory and continuity in terms of iPhone designs is that the largest screens will be for the most advanced models. So the 6.3-inch screen will be for the Pro model and the 6.9-inch one for the Pro Max.

Now, all this news refers to the iPhone 16. At the moment we are waiting for Apple to launch the iPhone 15, but analysts and rumor specialists are already thinking about what the iPhone 16 will be like. , we will see at the end of 2024. By the way, as the rumors continue to grow, we are going to have an incredible iPhone 16, since it has been said that it will be the one that will bring the solid-state buttons and if now it is also said that it will be the one that bring new screen sizes and even bigger, everything will be great in this new model.

The analyst who has released this new information is the screen specialist Ross Young who has already had a fairly significant hit rate when it comes to device screens. He also says that by coming with these new screen sizes, the normal thing is that there are modifications to the bevels and edges so we could have a new redesigned iPhone.

Something that would not be bad at all and that it is time for it to happen. We will have to wait another year and a half. Ha ha. Almost nothing. Oh well, it sure is worth it.