OpenAI stands up to imitators with this latest move

ChatGPT will now be much more accessible

Artificial intelligence is in fashion. And all fashion, in the field of technology, sometimes leads to the creation of applications that do more or less the same thing. ChatGPT is one of the most powerful algorithms, and in the App Store there are dozens of applications that, without being official, offer similar experiencesimplementing parts of the OpenAI bot technology.

However, the company itself, seeing such a panorama of imitations, has decided to hit the table, launching its own official app. This is called OpenAI ChatGPT for iPhone and is freely available for download. However, at the moment it is only for the US, but the firm has already stated that its availability will increase in the coming weeks.

This app, in addition to being free, does not include advertising. We are not going to have ads that can interrupt conversation flows or dirty the interface. But that does not mean that it does not have payment functions. In the same way that in the web version we have the free plan and the payment plan, ChatGPT Plus, in the app version we will have the same. In this case, the subscription for the premium service is $19.99 (in the US, but in Spain it will be necessary to see if they decide to maintain the price or not).

The official app of ChatGPT is Compatible with phones whose system version is iOS 16.1. It also offers synchronization between the different devices where we are using the chat with our OpenAI account. But, nevertheless, if you do not live in the US and want to use this bot on iPhone, you can do it in a very simple way.

ChatGPT can be used on the iPhone from the web

Apart from the downloadable app, ChatGPT can also be used on iPhone if we go to its official website. It also does not include advertising and, thanks to our OpenAI account, we will be able to log in to the browser and start asking it for things.

We will see the answers that you give us on the same chat screen, and in real time as they are generated. The user experience on the big screen, transferred to the iPhone, but bridging the gap.

chat gpt compatible iphone

The version management interface ChatGPT mobile web is very simple. We have the chat window, and the lower text bar where we will have to enter the prompts, so that the AI ​​shows us the results of what we have requested. So, although using it from the web is not the same experience as with an app, it is a good way to “kill the bug”, while we wait for the app to officially arrive in Spain.