Original MagSafe wallet (€69) vs Fake (€3). Worth?

However, like any Apple product, its price is high, and we can find replicas for much less money, but what are the differences? Is it worth purchasing the original, or do we have the same thing for much less?

Original vs fake MagSafe wallet

The first thing to mention is that the replica versions of MagSafe wallets are infinite, and that, obviously, purchasing one will not be the same as another, just like if we talk about a case, however, I have been lucky enough to try both, and I'll tell you my experience and what I think of them. Although today I have one from AliExpress, so you can guess what I'm going to say now.

I have only noticed one clear difference between both versions. Mine was purchased for 5 euros, so we are not talking about a very premium model among the fakes, and even so, most of its details such as the finish, material or magnet were practically the same. I could say that even the replica had more grip strength than the original.

Regarding the rest, because it is a simple wallet, there was not much difference. The finish and material was very good and, although I could differentiate the original from the fake just by touching them, if I had them separately and had never purchased the real one, I wouldn't be able to tell you if the other one was fake or not.

As to The only difference that does distinguish them is compatibility with the iPhoneWell, the original is associated with the phone and will notify us when it is disconnected from our mobile, as well as the “search” option where we can know the exact point at which we lost it, and thus be able to go back for it.

However, is it worth paying 65 euros for that? If you are a person who carries important documentation and seeks security above all, it is possible, although it does not even have an option to beep or geolocate with other iPhones such as an AirTag, so, in many cases, despite knowing the location, you cannot It guarantees that you will find it. Imagine that someone tells you that you lost it in a nightclub… you can go ask, but seeing it among so many people is complicated, so despite being a great help, it is not infallible either.

In summary, The quality, design and other exterior points are practically the same, and it is not worth the extra cost, you can get one of better quality, that is not 3 euros, but you are not going to reach 69, and I would only do it if you need the option to search or receive notifications when you lose it, something that Except for things of great value, I don't think it will be profitable for you. And you, what do you think? Have you been able to try both? Which one do you prefer?