Ricky Martin returns to acting on screen to star in a villain from the comedy “Palm Royale”. Previously we had seen him play Antonio D'Amico in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”, where he had to relive tragic moments. “Palm Royale” is the Apple TV + series and where Ricky Martin participates, a trailer that we will analyze and discover what role he will play.

Ricky Martin returns to the screens with the series “Palm Royale”

The series “Palm Royale” is broadcast on Apple TV+ and where you can find all its chapters. It is a novel by Juliet McDaniel and whose main protagonists are Kristen Wiig, Allison Janney, Laura Dern and Kaia Gerber. Ricky Martin will play the role of an innkeeper in an environment of the seventies under the enclave of high society.

What is the synopsis of this series?

The main protagonist of “Palm Royale” is actress Kristen Wiig, playing a young woman named Maxine. Her synopsis is about the true value that she enervates in each person to be able to fight for a promotion, achieve something unattainable and gain a foothold in power. It is a series with notes of drama and comedy, with a moving purpose that invites reflection.

"Palm Royale" It is the Apple TV+ series where Ricky Martin participates"Palm Royale" It is the Apple TV+ series where Ricky Martin participates

On March 20, this series will begin to be available on the Apple TV+ platform, where the first three episodes will be broadcast. After, Every Wednesday a new chapter will be released which will cover a long season until May 8. It is a way to be able to offer new series premieres under this platform.

Under this proposal, Ricky Martin, 52 years old has already offered various opinions on “Palm Royale.” We can remember him as a great singer who has sold up to 70 million copies worldwide. He is fascinated by the opportunity to work with film legends and it is very gratifying to face the screens again. His latest proposal as an actor can be found in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”a series that left a positive mark on him.