Participate and buy your 2022 Christmas lottery with the tuLotero app

The Christmas period begins to approach and of course, the Christmas lottery, the most important draw of the year for the National Lottery that takes place on December 22 at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Although the traditional version to buy tickets in the administrations is still valid, it is increasingly popular to buy your lottery directly from your mobile. TuLotero is the leading Christmas Lottery sales app with more than 86,000 different numbers to choose from and more than 700 associated administrations from all over Spain. We teach you in detail the operation and characteristics of the safest option to buy online lottery for this Christmas. We already have our number.

tuLotero: buy Christmas lottery from your iPhone

TuLotero: the number 1 app in Spain that has already distributed many prizes

The Christmas lottery in Spain is celebrated on December 22 and is one of the most important dates in which the national lottery distributes millions of euros throughout the country. With high media impact and great national coverage, the lottery becomes the main topic the days before and the days after. Nevertheless, getting exact numbers in your city is becoming more and more difficult. Especially for the most superstitious who need to have certain numbers without leaving their city.

TuLotero is the safer, faster and simpler application to buy lottery for this Christmas. It is an application compatible with all operating systems (iOS, Android and web) with which we can buy lottery from our house. Without any type of commission and the numbers directly from the more than 700 administrations attached to the service, we can get almost any number that we are looking for for the lottery draw.

We only have to look back to see How many prizes has TuLotero given over the last few years: 8 jackpots and 4 second prizes. In fact, last year’s Christmas draw, 2021, TuLotero sold numbers for a third prize, two fourths and three fifths.

In addition to the Christmas lottery, TuLotero also sells tickets and tickets for other draws. In fact, in 2020 they sold tenths of the First prize of the Children’s raffle or prizes such as the EuroMillions Super-jackpot of 130 million euros in 2020 or this 2022, the sixth largest prize in the history of La Primitiva.

tuLotero: buy Christmas lottery from your iPhone

Buy lottery from the palm of your hand

TuLotero is the leading lottery sales app available on the market. We have already discussed it, but they are available more than 86,000 numbers for the Christmas raffle and 710 administrations from all over Spain participate in the sale of tenths that can be collected in the administration or stored in the application itself that will notify of the prize in the event that they are awarded.

Large companies such as BBVA, Mahou-San Miguel, Telefónica, Alcampo, Mercadona or Indra trust TuLotero to manage the company lottery. In addition, the app also has the possibility of creating a work group, with your friends or with your family to share a certain number and then there are no problems in case it is awarded.

The advantages of the safest and easiest app on the market to buy tenths

The process of buying numbers is very simple. You just have to add credit to your account and then search among the thousands of available numbers. At the end, TuLotero sends you an email confirming that the transaction with the determined administration has been carried out and that you are already the owner of that participation or of the tenth that you have purchased.

There is no doubt that TuLotero is an application with a safe, simple and fast system to buy in any raffle. There is a Customer Service seven days a week to answer questions. In addition, they make available to the user a list with the telephone numbers of the administrations who have sold us those shares to contact them if necessary.

TuLotero: Christmas Lottery 2022 (AppStore Link)

tuLotero: buy Christmas lottery from your iPhone

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If you are reading this you are in luck because TuLotero makes available from the readers of Actualidad iPhone a promotional code under the code “Present”. This promotional code includes a participation of 1 euro of the number 77210 for new users.

For those users who already use the application, you can buy shares of one euro with a maximum purchase of 5 euros. You can use the promotion with the app from here.