Pay less for Apple Watch Ultra at MediaMarkt!

Apple’s most vitaminized watch, it is now on sale on the MediaMarkt website. If you are looking for an all-terrain device to give as a gift for Mother’s Day, or if you want a smart watch that is capable of enduring all kinds of activities, without having to worry about its fragility, now you can have it at a special price.

Less price, more Apple Watch

A submersible watch up to 100 meters deep, capable of withstanding diving activities and extreme heights. With more than sixty hours of autonomy, and equipped with GPS, compass and mobile data connection. And that’s just the beginning in terms of its capabilities. The most resistant Apple Watch of all, is now available on sale at MediaMarkt.

The model in question is Apple Watch Ultra GPS + Cellular, 49mm. and with the midnight colored Ocean Strap. The strap size is suitable for wrist sizes between 130 and 200 mm, while the Titanium case is highly durable and resistant to shock and corrosion.

As for connectivities and sensors, this watch comes loaded. It has the capability of blood oxygen measurement, heart rate reading, and temperature sensors. Besides, includes the detection of falls and accidents. And thanks to the connection to the mobile data network, it will be able to call the emergency services for us, in the event that we cannot.

It also gains autonomy regarding the connection with the iPhone. Although, for the initial configuration and for operation, this watch needs an Apple ID associated with an iPhone, thanks to the data connection we can send and receive calls, answer messages and access apps that require an internet connection, without the need to have the iPhone by our sideso that it is this who provides the signal.

It becomes a more interesting product

The characteristics of this watch already make it a very interesting product. But the fact that it is discounted is more striking. The regular price of the Apple Watch in the Apple Store is 999 euros, but Now you can get it for 965 euros. And best of all, both store pickup and home delivery will be completely free.

apple watch ultra diving

Also, even if it is a very resistant watch, it never hurts to have extra protection. Screen protectors for the Apple Watch can be very useful to us, in certain situations. On the MediaMarkt website we can install a screen protector for 9.99 euros. And if we add both amounts, we will be taking a Apple Watch Ultra, with screen protector for 974.99 euros. Which makes it an interesting option to buy, and if we want to take home the most resistant smartwatch on the market (and with an accessory) for a lower price than what we would be paying in the Apple Store.