Pay less for the iPhone 14 Plus on Amazon!

If you are thinking of buying the iPhone 14 Plus, but its price represents a considerable investment, now you can get it for less money. own Apple has launched an offer in its official Amazon store, so, with a discount of more than 100 euros, you can take it home. Do you want to know the models that are on sale? In this post we explain it to you.

iPhone 14 Plus, cheaper is better

The iPhone 14 Plus is a good phone, but until now, its price has not been very good. But if we take into account the features it has, we are going to pay less for them, then it already becomes a phone worth looking at.

iPhones are products that are characterized by not changing their price during the entire time they go on sale, before the next model comes out. This happens on the official website and, in many other stores, the price also usually remains frozen. However, it is appreciated that, from time to time, it is the company itself that, in official stores (although on other websites) lowers the prices of its phones.

The iPhone 14 plus It is characterized by its large screen and battery. On the one hand, we have a 6.7-inch screen (diagonally). On the other, we have a range of up to 100 hours of audio playback, 20 hours of streaming video and 26 hours of video. So if you are looking for a device with a large screen that is capable of lasting all day, this model is ideal for it.

iPhone 14Plus

Similarly, what is inside is equally potent. We have the Apple A15 processor, one of the most powerful in the company, which allows, among other things, the processing of images and videos from the camera to be much more realistic and detailed. In fact, the cameras are one of the attractions of this model, since we have the following configuration:

  • Wide angle of 12 Mpx, 26 mm and aperture f / 1.5
  • Ultra wide angle of 12 Mpx, 13 mm and aperture f / 2.4
  • 12 Mpx front camera with f/1.9 aperture

Beyond its technical capabilities, this phone has a function that can undoubtedly be a differential point: accident detection. Following the same philosophy of Apple Watch, “the watch that saves lives” (and it already has), this model has an accident detection system. So, if we are in a situation of this type, the phone will call the emergency services and send our location data, if we cannot do it.

iphone 14 plus

This is what the discounted iPhone 14 Plus costs on Amazon

The official price of the 128GB iPhone 14 Plus at Apple is 1,159 euros. Now, thanks to Amazon’s price reduction, We have a smaller range of prices:

The most expensive iPhone 14 Plus model, in this case, is the White one. For this offer, with the reduced price it remains at 1049 euros. If we look at the cheapest models, We are talking about 140 euros less than buying it in the official Apple Store.

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