Pay less for your VPN during Black Friday with NordVPN

To tell the truth, this is a tool that has had a great growth in the number of users in recent years, to the point that today it is one of the most used when we seek greater privacy when browsing the Internet. the network among many other reasons. And among so many users, you may be the next one in the same way that you may be wondering What are the benefits and what do VPNs allow us to do?.

What can I do with a VPN?

First of all, it must be made clear that the acronym VPN stands for reference to Virtual Private Network, that is, a Virtual Private Network, which, roughly speaking, what it does is that it converts the IP address of our computer into that of the VPN connection. This will give us the possibility of both having greater privacy while we browse, so that they cannot know what we are accessing, as well as we can do the same with the location, being able to select different locations to which we will connect as if we were there. The latter is one of the features most used by users, but why?

And it is that despite what it may seem, this possibility of connecting between countries is going to save us a huge amount of money if we know how to use it correctly, as happens to a large number of users. For example, if we are looking to make a trip, both the flight and the hotel, if we are looking through a VPN in different countries, possibly we find much cheaper prices than we can do in our country, so if we buy by these methods, we will be saving good money; either because of the currency exchange or because the service there is cheaper.

This type of private connection will also help us when teleworking if we are in another country or need a private connection, in the same way that it will help us bypass geoblocksaccess your files remotely or track us when we connect to the internet.

Offers with gift included

Of course, these types of services in which quality is sought are not free, despite the fact that there are several of them, but they are slow or easily collapse. For this reason, NordVPN has launched a great offer this Black Friday with which we can purchase their services at a scary price. On this Black Friday and for a limited time, we will be paying 68% less in the subscription. In this sense, in order to pay as little as possible, it is best to obtain the two-year subscription, with which we will pay €5.29 per month and we will be able to connect to the different VPNs for two years with a full price of €142.83 for these two years.

This will be the case in the Complete VPN plan, which includes many cybersecurity features such as malware protectors or password managers, as well as connection to other countries and the possibility of having up to 1 TB of encrypted storage in the cloud; but if we want to save a little, we will have the possibility of obtaining the Plus plan for €3.99 bringing everything but cloud storage or the standard for €2.99 with somewhat more concise services. Despite these three options, if we want to fully enjoy the experience, our recommendation is that you do so using the Complete plan, which, as its name indicates… is the most complete.

In addition, with this promotion we will also be receiving three months free in the use of our VPN, so now more than ever is the time when we have to launch ourselves and save a little more on our purchases while gaining extra security while browsing.