Peloton Apple Watch Band Being Sold After 2021’s Feud

Peleton is working with the Apple Watch again after criticizing Apple for discontinuing GymKit support.

The firm revealed in a blog post that the service is releasing a new Apple Watch connection that will allow you to measure your heart rate and count Peloton workouts towards your Activity Rings with just one tap.

This means that the Peloton app works with the iPhone’s Fitness app, allowing you to log workouts from other applications and add them to your daily ring count. It should also imply that workout data may be saved in the Apple Health app, albeit the blog article makes no mention of this.

Selling Peloton Apple Watch Band To Cozy Upto Apple

Peloton claims that when you start a class on your Bike, Bike+, Tread, or the Peloton app, your Apple Watch will receive a signal to begin tracking. After you begin your workout, open the Peloton app on your watch and tap to begin monitoring.

Peloton formerly exclusively provided a Peloton Apple Watch Band connection for its Cycle Plus indoor bike via Apple’s GymKit, but its Bootcamp cycling sessions were phased out in 2021.

This new Peloton Apple Watch Band integration, which was announced in a blog post, works with any Peloton device and allows users to contribute to closing Apple’s move and exercise rings while also tracking Peloton’s Strive score in real-time to better assess how long they’ve spent in higher heart rate zones. It also means that you can track your exertion levels using Apple’s heart rate monitor.

The Peloton Apple Watch Band announcement comes nearly a year after the business unveiled its heart rate monitor in an attempt to compete with Apple’s Watch. While the band is still available, it is likely to be a minor player in comparison to the Apple Watch, so the inclusion of support is unsurprising.