Personalize AirPods uniquely

The AirPods, in any of its segments, have become a true sales success due to their value for money, being one of the most loved products by users of The Bitten Apple. In this post, we are going to see three cases to turn your AirPods into your unique product.

AirPods cases, which is the best?

The design of the AirPods, regardless of the model you have, have a great customization capacity, due to its minimalist design and its white color, which combines perfectly with all the accessories that we are going to see below.

Waterproof case for AirPods

The Waterproof cover special edition is an exclusive case for the second generation and third generation AirPods that fully protect your AirPods against blows, falls, water and dust so that you can take them everywhere with the assurance that no fall will cause irreversible damage to the product.

This case is made of silicone and soft to the touch Finally, it is available in Two colors: fluorescent and black Both models include a carabiner so you can hook your AirPods to your bag or backpack to always have it in the same place, secure and secure.

Case for second generation AirPods Pro

Airpods Pro_03

This cover of ornate fits perfectly to your AirPods Pro first and second generation. Made of silicone, it fits perfectly with one of Apple’s most advanced headphones. The quality of its materials makes it very Easy to install and remove, but that does not prevent it from having great resistance.

One of its best advantages is that it supports the wireless charging, and the ease of being able to specify the button to be able to press the AirPods pairing with the device and see the status light while charging. Finally, to say that it is available in fourteen colors and the possibility of adding a rope to be able to fix the box of your headphones in your backpack or bag.

Woolenex Incase Case for 3rd Generation AirPods


the cover with Incase Woolenex for AirPods (3rd generation) holds the wireless charging case that protects and charges your AirPods. Unlike the two options discussed above, this lightweight, form-fitting case is made of Woolenex, a mixed fabric with great resistance to most situations that can damage your AirPods, such as dust, bumps, falls, solar incidence from the sun or resistance to water.

Regarding the wireless charging case, it has a sophisticated style, in addition to being Protected against nicks and scratches. Finally, it is available in two colors: graphic and pink and allows wireless charging of the device.

PhD Keisi’s AirPods Max case

AirPods Max case

This cover for the AirPods Max by phd Keisi It has features similar to the case that includes Apple’s over-ear headphones. Specifically, it is the sleep mode, which automatically disconnects Bluetooth to save energy.

One of the great advantages of this accessory is that it allows the user to place the headphones on the shape that best suits the owner’s head. Continuing with this case for AirPods Max, you have a compact design and imitation leather in its external part, while, in its inside, is covered with a synthetic leather material. Finally, the case also includes the possibility of adding a portable charger and its cable in case the headphones run out of battery, being able to charge it anywhere and continue enjoying them.