Pestle Ver 1.0.10 Now Allows Users To Share Recipies

Pestle, which, as its name implies, is aimed at home chefs, has been gaining popularity in recent weeks. The “kitchen recipe book” is the work of independent developer Will Bishop, who is also a past WWDC scholar and has a few other applications to his name, like Chirp (which takes the Twitter experience to the Apple Watch) and Nano for Reddit. 

Pestle Makes Cooking Easier

The Internet is a fantastic resource for recipes, but it is not without its drawbacks. Second, there are too many websites that give recipes, but you only want a few of them, making it difficult to keep track. Third, you may wish to make changes to a recipe after you have chosen it. You can make the changes by copying the text to a word processor or notepad and then making modifications that must be saved systematically. When you are using the iOS browser to find a recipe you like, tap the share button. Then, from the list of applications that displays, select Pestle. Pestle imports the recipe automatically, separating the components and instructions.

You may go through your recipe list at your leisure and write notes to reflect the changes you wish to make. At the same time, Pestle keeps the credit link in the three-dot “more” option at the top of the recipe page, so you’ll always know where to go. Consider using the app in conjunction with recipe websites. Recipes can be shared, however, if the recipient does not have Pestle, the recipe will open on the original site or source.

There’s one more function that comes in handy. You don’t want to leave fingerprints on the screen while working in the kitchen. You can use voice commands like “Back” and “Next” to browse the program without touching it. The option to establish an endless number of timers is also beneficial.

Pestle includes an explore area for discovering new cooking ideas, handoff and syncing across all devices, 14-day meal planning assistance, and more if you upgrade to the premium edition.