Platoon For Artists Is The New Job App On The Apple App Store

Denzyl Feigelson, a veteran in the music business, and Saul Klein, a co-founder of LoveFilm, created Platoon in London in 2016. Apple purchased Platoon in 2018.

This week, 9 to 5 Mac was the first to reveal the app’s arrival. Citing sources, they claim that it was formally published on Wednesday (August 24).

The program is not listed on the App Store, but it can be downloaded, as 9 to 5 Mac pointed out. When you do download it, it will give you the option to sign in using Apple or Google, but artists will need an invite to access it, according to 9 to 5 Mac. A mobile one-stop shop designed with artists in mind is another way to describe it.

Platoon For Artists Is A New App

Accessed artists can “contribute content to promote your new and former releases,” “see your metrics and learn about your followers across platforms,” and “see your numbers and learn about your fans across platforms.”

The App Store page states that artists will also be able to “see your monthly revenue in one spot for all of your catalog.” Platoon is renowned for helping a variety of budding musicians in the US and the UK grow into major stars around the world. The business collaborated with artists including Billie Eilish, who later signed a contract with Justin Lubliner of Darkroom and Interscope of UMG.

Additionally, Platoon collaborated with UK singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone, whose Falling Asleep at the Wheel debut EP was distributed by the Apple-owned business in 2020.

Then, in March of last year, Humberstone signed contracts with Interscope, Darkroom, and Polydor in the US and the UK, respectively.

Stefflon Don and Jorja Smith from the UK, Jacob Banks (before signing to Interscope), Rex Orange County (before signing with AWAL), Mr. Eazi, and YEBBA are just a few of the artists who have collaborated with Platoon.