Posture Pal Will Help To Improve Our Posture Using AirPods

The most recent useless attempt to heal your hurting lower back comes in the shape of an app that detects bad posture using AirPods. The Posture Pal app uses the motion sensors included in AirPods to measure neck tilt and alert us when we start to slouch.

There’s no doubt that those of us who spend most of our days at a desk have continuous posture issues. Just one glimpse at our hunched-over self in Zoom reveals how hobbled we truly are. There has been no lack of products or contraptions meant to solve this issue, including complete brace-style solutions and techy small devices that connect to your back and sync with an app.

Posture Pal Will Notify You When You Start Slouching

Apple was also said to be considering making AirPods capable of posture warnings.

Jordi Bruin, who told 9to5Mac that he was inspired by a posture tracker that connects to your back before abandoning it, developed the device. Instead, Posture Pal is a low-barrier-to-entry option for those of us who already own AirPods.

ALERT FOR SLOUCHING — The software can be set up in less than a minute thanks to its simple and clear layout. During 10-minute sessions, it provides visual, audio, or vibration notifications when coupled with your AirPods. If you begin to slouch, Rafi the Giraffe, as he is lovingly known, will squeak at you to straighten your posture. Posture Pal operates in the background and may even be used while listening to music or listening to podcasts.

PRO POSTURE – For a one-time $2 fee, you may upgrade to the pro version, which removes the session duration limit and allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity in five-degree increments. The premium edition allows for significantly more customization, such as transforming the app icon into a llama wearing sunglasses, a monkey holding a banana, or a dabbing astronaut (the free version resets color changes on reload).

The software is currently available for free download on the App Store.