Premiere iPad Air paying 200 euros less on Amazon!

If you are thinking of renewing your iPad, but you are not willing to pay so much money for the product, we bring you good news. The sixth-generation iPad Air, 256GB Wi-Fi+ Cellular is now available on Amazon for 200 euros less. And it is an offer that Apple itself has launched. You want to know more? We tell you the details!

The 256GB iPad Air for what the 64GB costs

The iPads are a range of products that are increasingly becoming more versatile and relevant. The iPadOS operating system, the improvement in accessories such as the Apple Pencil and new applications that provide, more and more, functionalities that make them more similar to a computer, make them stop being a tablet, to be an iPad.

In this case, the iPad on offer is the latest generation iPad Air, with Wi-Fi + Cellular connection, which was launched last year 2022. The color is White Star, and its memory capacity is 256GB. This model is currently sold in two capacities: the aforementioned, and 64GB. And if we take into account that the price jump from going from 64GB to 256GB is considerable, this reduction makes it a really interesting option, with which we are going to get more for less money.

The discount is made by Apple itself, since this product is sold on Amazon, but through the official store that the company has virtually. In addition, not only is the 256GB model on sale, but we can also get the 64GB model with a discount of 104 euros, if we select the same Star White color.

This is the sale price of the iPad Air on Amazon

What does this discount of 200 euros imply in the 256GB model? Officially, the Star White iPad Air, 256GB and with Wi-Fi + Cellular connection has a sale price of 1169 euros. In this case, we are talking about the fact that, thanks to the reduction, it remains only at 969 euros.

In fact, 969 euros is what the 64GB iPad Air costs officially. for what we will be getting four times more storage space (in local memory) for the same price as iPad Air in base storage. In this way, we can be much calmer when it comes to storing data, having applications installed and working on different projects, knowing that the memory will be enough for us.

ipad air 2022

On the other hand, if storage space isn’t an issue for you on an iPad, the 64GB iPad Air is also on sale. Now you can get it for only 865 euros. That is, 104 euros cheaper than what it costs officially. No matter which memory option you choose, the truth is that the iPad Air is one of the most versatile iPads right now, with “best of both worlds” features. The design, the quality of the screen and the USB type C connector are some of its strongest points, and are elements inherited directly from the iPad Pro. Of course, with the advantage that we will not have to spend the same amount of money as for an iPad Pro, and more considering these two offers.