Prepare your iPhone to update to iOS 16, you will appreciate it

Last Wednesday, after the Keynote where the new iPhone 14, second-generation AirPods Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra were presented, Apple took the opportunity to announce the release date of iOS 16, a version that many users are eagerly awaiting. cravings Well, the chosen date is today and that is why in this post we will tell you some tips that you should carry out before updating your iPhone and that will allow you to have a better user experience with it.

5 actions you have to do before updating

Something that many users do not know is that the operation of their iPhone with the new operating systems, in this case iOS 16, not only depends on said version, but also on how you install it on your device. Therefore, it is vital in order to have the best possible experience and for the equipment to work like a charm, to carry out a series of actions before updating the iPhone.

  • make a backup. Usually the update processes are carried out without any problem, however, any error can occur within the system that causes the device to lose all the information or, in the worst case, to be blocked. Therefore, it is vital to make a backup before updating.
  • Restore the iPhone. We all know that the act of restoring the iPhone is a heavy process and that nobody likes to carry it out, but we can assure you that the difference between updating on a “new” iPhone and doing it on a good number of updates that you will carry in your team it shows a lot.

  • Install iOS 16 from your computer. Regardless of whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac, once you have restored the computer, update it from the computer itself. In this way, the installation is much cleaner and you don’t leave a trace on your iPhone of possible junk files that later affect the operation of the device.
  • Take a screenshot of your applications. The most common thing is that after restoring and updating, each user wants to leave the iPhone organized in the same way and with the same applications as before, therefore, our recommendation is that you at least take a screenshot of all the screens that you have on your iPhone to later be able to download all the apps and organize them as they were.

  • good internet connection. When updating, it is very important to have a good internet connection so that the entire software download process is as fast as possible.
  • Be patient. In case you are going to update your iPhone to iOS 16 right after it is released, you have to keep in mind that there will be many users who are in the same situation as you, so Apple’s servers will be much slower than normal. . In addition, to that you have to add that the update will weigh a lot, so we recommend that you go to update your equipment when you have enough time.