Despite what you might imagine, having the suite of devices from the Cupertino company does not mean forgetting about errors, bugs, or system failures. While it is true that those of us who work with all types of technology know that Apple devices tend to fail less, this does not mean that they never fail.

Many users are reporting issues with the Home app and HomePod repeatedly asking them to enter their Apple ID. We show you how you can solve this problem quickly, so that you continue enjoying your devices without added problems.

This problem occurs more commonly in users who:

  • Have recently changed their Apple ID password
  • If you haven’t logged in to any service with your Apple ID for a long time
  • When Apple detects abnormal use of the company’s services

Be that as it may, a notification will appear indicating that your HomePod or your devices linked to the Home app have a problem and you need to update your iCloud account by entering your Apple ID password.

In addition, when we enter the notification, it will indicate that the Apple ID or the password used to log in are incorrect. Don’t worry though, because These are the different solutions that we put at your disposal:

  • From your iPhone or iPad, invoke the multitasking switcher and completely close the Home app.
  • Deactivate the VPN in case you are using it, enter your Apple ID when prompted, and later you can activate your VPN again.
  • Restart the iPhone or iPad that is generating the error message, and then re-enter your Apple ID in the Home app where the error is occurring.

Generally, performing these three actions will permanently solve this problem, if not, you should wait for the next iOS 16.3.1 bug fix