Purelle, the air purifier with HomeKit and Thread

Airversa has launched its new Purelle air purifier, a device that makes the difference with the others mainly by betting on the technology of the future, Threadto connect it to our home automation network.

main features

When we talk about air purifiers, it seems that there is not much room for innovation or design, at least for now. The Airversa Purelle purifier has the design you would expect from a device of this type: a rounded prism with a discreet design, with white as the predominant color, and with grilles in different places for air inlet and outlet. This does not mean that its finishes are good, that the plastic used is of quality, and that the grids have been placed strategically so that its design is as elegant as possible. Its 34.5 cm height and its weight of just 3Kg make it smaller and lighter than most purifiers of similar power that you can find on the market.

According to the manufacturer, it can remove up to 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns, and up to 99.9% of those down to 0.1 microns. It does this thanks to its double filter system with three layers.: a pre-filter for larger particles such as hair and fibers, a HEPA filter for pollen, smoke and dust, and a carbon filter for odours. Its power is adjustable manually or automatically depending on how dirty the air is in the room, but it can clean a room of up to 93 square meters in 60 minutes, which is not bad at all.

In the upper part it has an LED screen where we find information about the quality of the air (PM2.5), the speed of the fans in use, the status of the filters and different touch buttons to manually control its operation. In addition, a large ring around the screen visually indicates the quality of the air (green for excellent, red for poor). Touch controls include:

  • Power button
  • Automatic mode so that the fans work according to the PM2.5 concentration of the filtered air
  • Manual mode to control the speed of the fans
  • Child lock: must be pressed for 5 seconds to activate or deactivate it
  • Night mode to reduce the illumination of the LED screen
  • Timer to program the shutdown of the purifier (maximum 24 hours)

Having all this information directly on the device is really convenient, no need to resort to the application to know the status of the air in the room, and if at any time you want to modify its operation and you are next to the purifier, you can do so by touching the screen. I only miss a temperature indicator, and to get the honors, a humidity indicator.

PM2.5 sensor Purelle

On the back we find some small slots for the PM2.5 sensor and the connection for the cable that supplies electricity. And at the base we have a lid with a twist lock for replacing filters (in the box we have the two necessary filters) and that can be replaced in a very simple way (remember to remove the bags that protect them before starting to use the purifier).


If we are analyzing this purifier on our blog, it is because it has connectivity to control it from our mobile and because it is compatible with HomeKit. Purelle has Bluetooth and Thread connectivity. The first one is known by all, and we already know about its advantages and limitations, being the limited range the main negative point. But what is Thread? It is about the connection of the most immediate future, we could already say that almost of the present. It is a type of low consumption connection, with a long range and that has the advantage that it is «mesh», that is, it can create a network of devices interconnected with each other so that they do not need to connect to your router or your accessory center directly, but can connect to each other until they reach the accessory center (HomePod, Apple TV). It is also the basis of “Matter”, a new protocol that will change home automation as we know it and that will allow us to forget about “compatible with HomeKit” or “compatible with Alexa” because all the brands have assured that they are going to adopt

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To make use of Thread you need a HomePod mini or an Apple TV 4K (2021), previous Apple TVs and the original HomePod won’t work. If you don’t have either, you can use Bluetooth connectivity to make them appear on your HomeKit network, but you won’t have the benefits of Thread connectivity.


By connecting it in the Sleekpoint app (link), which is very simple as in any HomeKit product, we will be able to control all those functions that we have on the screen of the purifier, in addition to other more advanced customization options. We have the possibility to see in a graph the evolution of the measurements made in the room and we can establish a calendar and personalized operating hours. It also allows us to modify the brightness of the screen and the color ring, and deactivate the sound when pressing a button. We can see the status of the filters and buy new ones if necessary from the application itself.

In the Casa app, for its part, we have much fewer options, basically turning it on and off, fan regulation, and air quality measurement. We cannot establish automatic operation, nor does it modify any other parameter of the application. It’s about time that Apple begins to consider a House application with more advanced options to control devices of this type, because not everything is light bulbs and plugs in HomeKit. The advantage of the Casa app is that it offers us compatibility with Siri to give voice instructions from the HomePod or our Apple devices, and the automations that allow us to fill some of these gaps.

Purelle in the Home app

So we can make the purifier activates when the air quality drops below the limit that we set, or who is in charge of cleaning the air when we are not at home. I have personally set an automatic mode in the official app and only at certain moments do I use Siri to activate or deactivate, or even the manual controls of the device, but the automation options are there in case you want to use them.


Air purifiers have become very popular, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although their usefulness for this type of virus is quite controversial, they are really useful for homes where there are allergies to pollens or animal hair, for those who hate the smell of food at certain times of the day or simply for those who want to breathe cleaner air at home without harmful PM2.5 particles. The action of this Airversa Purelle is objectively noticeable, and not only because from time to time you see it working overtime because there has been a small oversight in the kitchen, but also because you really notice its action with bad smells, perhaps the point more objective of its operation.

Something that worries many is the noise of the device. , you will hardly notice it, but when the quality drops and the ring turns orange or red you do hear it, obviously. I do not find it a device at all annoying at any time, quite the opposite.

Editor’s opinion

Purelle by Airversa is an air purifier that perfectly fulfills its mission, with a smaller size than usual in these devices (given its power) and that has the great advantage of already using Thread connectivity, an investment in the future for that we want to continue using home automation in the coming years, taking advantage of all its advances. Its price is €189.99 on Amazon (link) and for one month you can use the code ACTUAL10 to get a 10% discount.

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