Qualcomm Has A Trump Card That Can Help Them Beat Apple In EV

Qualcomm is already teaming up with other car companies. Beyond simply providing infotainment systems, applications, and touch devices for the other, it appears that foundations are being built for deep-routed collaborations. Vehicles, after all, are eventually becoming highly linked platforms that rely on efficient and updatable software architecture in the same way that smartphones and laptops do.

Qualcomm Could Win The EV Race

For technology companies, this means the chance to create a full vehicle software stack, from automatic braking and driver-assistance radar to dashboard displays and smartphone apps. This one simple thing is what could allow Qualcomm to beat Apple in the ongoing EV race. Qualcomm explained that the new Snapdragon Digital Chassis; is a new system that can be used for driver assistance, interfaces, telematics, and autonomous driving. 

Finding the proper technology partner might mean simplifying a vehicle’s architecture and unleashing new revenue streams through passenger enjoyment and downloadable upgrades for automakers. Picking the incorrect one may be just as damaging—just ask manufacturers who have worked with Apple.

Audi experimented with a similar idea in 2019 with the Intense In-Car Entertainment project, which combined sound, lighting, pulsating seats, and even the car’s dynamic suspension to provide passengers with a “4D” movie theatre experience. Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) is yet another auto-tech cooperation preparing to construct the car of the future. The alliance utilized CES 2023 to debut the first car under the Afeela name. The prototype automobile, which sat amid tvs and virtual-reality headsets on Sony’s show, obligingly displayed Fortnite and Spider-Man gameplay visuals on a digital display over its front bumper.