Realme Working On Copying Apple’s  Dynamic Island Feature

Realme, a sub-brand of Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo, maybe the first Android OEM to copy Apple’s Dynamic Island, according to a deleted tweet and a leaked animation. It comes at a time when Apple appears to be in a position to establish that Dynamic Island is worth emulating since the UI element that was primarily cosmetic is finally receiving meaningful third-party support.

This is not really surprising. Realme, as 9to5Google notes, said in September that it intended to clone Dynamic Island. 

Realme Will Name Its Feature ‘Mini Island’

Since then, a feature named “Mini Capsule” has been under development. A picture in the deleted tweet depicts a pill-shaped user interface piece with the SuperVOOC charging branding. The animation, which OnLeaks posted via Smartprix, depicts the capsule extending and folding to reveal charging status information. In the interim, with the release of the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple’s Dynamic Island has served as a sort of placeholder. It does several fascinating functions, such as alerting you when your AirPods’ battery is low. iOS 16.1 Live Activities API has mostly awaited the incorporation of third-party app developers. This went live in October with a lackluster array of supporting applications, unless you are a Carrot Weather devotee.

This is in the process of evolving as more and more popular apps join the platform. Uber is introducing an app update that leverages Dynamic Island so that you can view information like as your ride’s estimated arrival time without having to have the Uber app open. Even as an infrequent ridesharing passenger, I find this quite beneficial. Live Activities support will be added to Google Maps “in the future months,” which might entail turn-by-turn instructions in the Dynamic Island, similar to how Apple Maps employs the function.