We all know that the view is currently focused on the iPhone 14 after the official launch of the new range a few weeks ago. However, October is just around the corner and rumors suggest that Apple is likely to prepare a new keynote to focus on iPads and Macs. In fact, new information has found references to two new iPad Pros which could indicate the arrival of two new models: one 12.9-inch and one 11-inch.

Will we see a new 12.9″ and 11″ iPad Pro in October?

The information comes from the hand of 9to5mac who has found references to these two new models on the official Logitech website. Apparently it would be the iPad Pro 12-inch sixth generation and the iPad Pro 11-inch fourth generation. Although it is not specified when they will be available, the phrase “they will arrive soon” appears.

Why at Logitech? The leak has come from the inclusion in the list of compatible devices of the Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil of these two new iPad Pro models. And considering that Apple has come to sell and sells products from this company in its stores, one would think that the filtration can be reliable. These iPad Pro would not have a new design but would include new hardware such as the M2 chip or the possible arrival of MagSafe standard wireless charging.

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In this context, we should seriously consider the announcement of a new keynoteperhaps the first in person and live, where we would have news regarding iPad and Mac. As for the iPad, we would possibly see these two new models that would lead the Christmas sales and drive the launch of iPadOS 16, which, remember, is not yet officially available to users.