Apple March Event: A Preview Of Top Expected Releases At Event Today

Following months of silence, Apple is likely to ramp up things against its first major event in 2022. The March event includes many things that we should and should not expect and several final stage rumors.

Apple announced its virtual March event to be held at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (6 p.m. UK, 1 p.m. ET) on the 8th. Taglined ‘Peek Performance,’ the event will be streamed live on YouTube and

The expectations for the March event include a 5th-generation iPad Air and a 5G version of the iPhone SE. Also expected on the anvil are an Apple Silicon and a new Mac.

The March event promises an interesting start to Apple’s annual upgrade cycle. It will set the tone for upgrades to computers and phones later this year.

Expected Products At March Event

Each year a slew of software and hardware upgrades are unveiled and Apple’s 2022 March event won’t be any different. But most major introductions are expected only in the fall before the festival holidays.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple could introduce its widest ever array of fresh hardware this fall.

Apple first showed its iPhone SE during its 2020 spring release. Analysts have predicted that Apple may be at work on a couple of updates to the iPhone SE model, one for the March event today and the next for the coming year.

The iPhone SE 5G will probably have 3 GB memory, and the 2023 model might have 4 GB memory, and also a bigger display.

The pricing of the 2022 iPhone SE 5G models is likely to continue at $399, but there is a possibility that Apple could drop prices like it does when new models are introduced.

Apple might also go for an update to the new iPad Pro, introducing fresh designs and charging over wireless. There is also the possibility of a new iPad Air at the March event.

The Mac Mini with an M1 chip was introduced in 2020 and there are chances that we could see a quicker version of the Mac Mini.