Repair iPhone screen for free? This covers Apple Care+

What is Apple Care+?

AppleCare+ is the sure apple has created for most of your devices. Users who purchase this service receive a online technical support for 3 years and they have a Significant reduction in repair costs. In addition, it also offers you very interesting solutions such as in the event that your device is stolen, you do not have to buy the equipment again and make a huge outlay.

What exactly does Apple Care+ cover?

We have already seen that AppleCare+ is an extended warranty service for the 3 years following the purchase of the device, but not all types of damage, so let’s see what exactly charges:

As we said in the previous paragraph, in case of loss or theft, the price to obtain the same device is 129 euros, a much more affordable price than if you have to buy it again. In the event that you say that my iPhone has been stolen, you have to activate the Find my iPhone option and also during the claim you will be asked to erase the device and give up your ownership before receiving another device.

This warranty service covers replacement full of the battery if it retains less than 80% of its original capacity in three years, and also express replacement service, as well as priority access to Apple technical support. Likewise, the screenThis service also covers it at a reduced price, being one of the most common reasons for breakage in our device.

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One of the most interesting options is that it covers up to two accidental damage every twelve months. Of course, the damage that occurs deliberately to the device is not covered by the guarantee, since it is considered that they are not accidental damage. Likewise, the damages produced by liquid spills neither are covered by Apple (or any of the tech companies), although it is true that in this case, you can get a new device at a reduced price. If you have a device that contains a bug software or internal component, the replacement of the device is complete and without any problems.

Is it worth hiring him?

It is a complex question because it involves a monthly price increase to our iPhone, in addition to the fact that it depends to a great extent on the use that you are going to give to the device. If you have a use of office, staying with friends, family and visiting somewhere from time to time, perhaps you are not the type of user who needs to purchase that extended warranty service. However, if you are a type of user who spends a lot of time with the iPhone and you have a constant mobility As a result of your work or you travel a lot for the same reason, your iPhone is highly exposed to shock, so it may be a good option to purchase Apple’s extended warranty protection service.

There is a third type of users and it is for those users who have purchased an iPhone for the first time. These types of users may have doubts about how an iOS device works in the Apple ecosystem, which is why they may require personalized online technical support.

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