Rumor iPhone 16: it will bring a great novelty with Face ID

If yesterday we were talking about the iPhone 15 and that it would have already started production at Foxconn (or at least the first phase of production would have started), Today we have to talk about the iPhone 16 (yes, on the 16th) since One last rumor points to a great novelty in Face ID: it will incorporate it for the first time in its history under the screen to make it (even) more operational and useful. All this according to The Elec.

The Korean media report explains that Apple will move the necessary components for Face ID directly below the iPhone screen in 2024, with the iPhone 16 if the nomenclature continues as before. When not in use, TrueDepth for Face ID will appear to be the same as the normal area of ​​the screen.

The Elec clarifies that the perforation on the screen for the front camera would remain in the iPhone 16 Pro, but the overall viewing area and immersive feeling will be improved. On the other hand, it seems that the Dynamic Island and what the rest of the components that now “remove” part of the screen occupy, will remain the same from the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro later this year, since the technology to implement them under the screen with the quality that Apple wants, is not yet 100% ready.

He also reaffirmed what other rumors have already been saying these weeks, that the four models of the iPhone 15 line will offer the Dynamic Island, extending the feature of the two iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to the two standard models later in 2023.

Later, in the slightly more distant future and in the medium term, once Apple has implemented Face ID technology under the screen, it will adopt a camera under the screen panel, thus removing all the screen cutouts currently present on the iPhone. It seems that the iPhone has not yet reached its ceiling in terms of design and there is still some twist that we can expect for the next few years.