Rumors about an iPhone 16 with a new design fade

We have been talking about Apple's next iPhone 16 for a long time even though there is more than half a year until we can see it. Several rumors and analyzes have emerged around this device. a possible new design with the addition of a new capture button, in addition to Pro functions related to artificial intelligence. However, a new report from analyst Ming Chi-Kuo has dashed any glimmer of hope around a redesign of the iPhone 16 and ensures that It won't be until 2025, for the iPhone 17, at least, when we see new AI features and big design changes.

We will not have a new design or AI functions on the iPhone 16

The latest rumors about the iPhone 16 have focused on technical aspects of the hardware around RAM capacity and the possibility that the storage of the Pro models could reach 2TB. However, months ago we had already talked a lot about the possible design change and the integration of artificial intelligence functions for the Pro models, with the aim of differentiating them from standard models.

iPhone 16 Pro

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The new analysis published by the well-known analyst Ming Chi-Kuo debunks this previous information. The key premise of this report is that Apple is not expected to launch new iPhones with a significant design change or AI options until 2025, that is, with the arrival of the iPhone 17. Due to this and seeing that the market is currently governed by artificial intelligence and folded terminals, Apple will decrease sales of the iPhone 16 throughout 2024. In fact, this is what Kuo says in his statement:

Until then, it will likely hurt Apple's iPhone shipment momentum and ecosystem growth.

iPhone 16 Pro

What we will have: new capture button and larger screens

Although we do not expect the complete redesign in the iPhone 16, what we do expect is the addition of the new capture button located on the side Of the device. This button will be sensitive to touch and pressure and will allow us to zoom the camera in and out by sliding our finger, focus by pressing a little harder, and capture when we press even harder.

iPhone 16 capture button

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Besides, Increases in screen sizes are expected for the Pro and Pro Max models: 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches respectively, compared to the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro models and the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max. So we might not expect a big redesign. but we will have really important changes that could mean the change of generation.