Run before they run out! Take advantage of this super offer on the iPhone 13 at MediaMarkt

The iPhone 13 has been one of Apple's best masterstrokes. Since it was launched on the market in 2021, it has not stopped selling like hotcakes. And now at MediaMarkt we have it reduced to a spectacular price. So if you are looking for an entry-level iPhone, but without giving up specifications and usability, you will love this phone, at the price you are going to see in this article. Do you want to know it in depth? Go for it!

The iPhone 13 is positioned as an entry-level product within the Apple and iOS ecosystem. And although it has been on the market for three years, it is an excellent combination of specifications, power, quality and price.

This phone, like many other technology products and accessories, will be available at very special prices through the official MediaMarkt website. until next February 8 at 9 in the morning. Because? Well, Valentine's Day is approaching, and the Tecno Lovers sales start, with which you will be able to save good money on hundreds of products and accessories. Having said all this, let's go see the models that are at a super price right now on MediaMarkt.

These iPhone 13 models will cost you much less if you buy them at MediaMarkt

The first model that currently costs less is the iPhone 13 with 128GB of internal storage space. And all colors are with special discounts. If we want to get one of these through the official Apple Store, we will be paying a price of 739 euros. However, Thanks to MediaMarkt's Tecno Lovers offers, we will be paying a final price of 669 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct discount of 70 euros. Do you want to take advantage of the offer? Below we will leave you all the direct links for your purchase:

Buying these devices at MediaMarkt has more advantages than the price reduction itself. Do we want them to take it home with free shipping? Or do we want to select the store to go to pick it up? Thanks to the shipping system, doing this is possible. Likewise, we can complete the purchase by adding insurance protections such as Apple Card+, or by installing screen protectors. All of this, from the same purchase screen, so that when the iPhone 13 arrives at home it is even more complete and protected.

iPhone 13 blue color